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ANDERSON, Ind. – A flower arrangement can brighten up your home or serve as a thoughtful gift – and making one isn’t too difficult.

Beth Vansickle, educator with Purdue Extension in Madison County, demonstrated flower arrangement during a webinar.

“When you are getting ready to make a flower arrangement, the best thing to do is divide the flowers and sort them, much like taking an inventory,” she advised. “We can do everything from a nice office layout to a showpiece. “

Choose the color and types of flowers you want to use in the arrangement. Priority # 1 is to use healthy flowers and greenery.

Next, collect any tools you might use, such as a vase, flower scissors, a paring knife, green or sheer floral tape, wire, empty buckets, and a rose stalk cleaner.

“Decide on the form of your arrangement,” Vansickle said. “Decide if you want something more formal or a button vase. Roses, sun flowers, podiums and carnations are perfect for button vases.

Once you have chosen a vase, create a grid over the opening using masking tape. This will create holes to hold the flowers in place and prevent them from falling.

Fill your container with water and add floral preservatives to help the arrangement last longer. When designing your arrangement, start with the greenery.

“The greenery helps keep the flowers where you want them,” Vansickle explained. “It will be like a bed to hug our flowers.”

Arrange the flowers from larger to smaller. You can add fill to any holes in the arrangement.

Use your imagination to create a bouquet that will brighten up any room.

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