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WOW! The huge flower arrangement of Kris Aquino’s unit

Bimby Aquino is holding a flower arrangement

All Media Queen Kris Aquino said she was surprised she received the most roses in one day.

On Instagram last Monday, Kris said it took four men to transport the massive flower arrangement to their unit.

Kris also said she almost fell as she stood on the sofa taking photos of the flowers.

Her caption: “I have received many flowers in my life, BUT these are the biggest roses I have received, and all because they wanted to thank me for all the orders we have recently placed. @petalier_ THANK YOU for never changing in the service you offer me and my team given the growth of your business – even though we have been harassing you for about 3 weeks now …

“Super proud of both of you @ddianeyap and Lauren! I had the pleasure of introducing you in one of my first web episodes, not sure if it was about 4 years ago… Thanks for the gratitude (that’s why I edited a video) .

“PS I almost fell while standing on the sofa taking the picture while Bimb, @alvingagui and @narsgeraldfiel did their best to hold the huge flower arrangement. FYI it actually took 4 men to bring the arrangement into our unit.

Aquino has just announced his engagement to Mel Sarmiento.



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