Watch: Lebanese florist fights inflation and creates bouquets with cash instead of flowers – News

She says people like to help each other

By web office

Published: Sun 24 Jul 2022, 09:37

Last update: Sun 24 Jul 2022, 09:47

A creative florist in cash-strapped Lebanon has introduced bouquets with US dollar and Lebanese pound notes, to help customers fight inflation.

Tamara Hariri said in an interview with Reuters that she believes the flowers will no longer work as gifts due to the high prices.

She realized that instead of spending 1 to 1.5 million Lebanese pounds for a bouquet of flowers, people can gift bouquets to their loved ones in cash.

Hariri said she realized the Lebanese love helping each other, making the innovation a no-brainer amid the dire economic situation.

This money can help students, employees and others, she says.

Hariri hopes this idea will be picked up by other florists across the country as it generates profit and is a creative gift idea.


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