Vandals in Hove target florist’s van, leaving it covered in graffiti

VANDALS targeted a florist’s van, leaving it covered in graffiti and causing more than £ 4,000 in damage.

The graffiti was scrawled on the van owned by Hove Flower Stand boss Chris Woodley.

Chris told The Argus that his van was first tagged last year and has been regularly tagged “several times since”.

The van in Hove was the target of graffiti

He said: “The back of the van was scratched two or three times in the same week. I had it cleaned and special chemicals were used to clean it.

“About two weeks later, the same graffiti started to appear on the van again and I didn’t want to pay to have it cleaned again.

“Since then another person has come with a big black spray can and has done everything in the back of the van, and everything to one side.

“In the time that was done, two or three others also targeted him.”

Chris says it will cost between £ 4,000 and £ 4,500 to remove the graffiti.

The Argus: Chris said his van had been targeted multiple times Chris said his van had been targeted multiple times

The damage was reported to Sussex Police, but in a letter to Chris the force said it was “unable to investigate further on this occasion”.

Chris has run the flower stand next to St John’s Church in Palmeira Square, Hove for 25 years.

He says the region has “changed” over the past two decades and calls on police to conduct regular patrols to monitor anti-social behavior.

The Argus: Chris says he wants to see more cops on the streets of HoveChris says he wants to see more cops on the streets of Hove

He said, “You see graffiti everywhere, don’t you. I have seen a few commercial vehicles that have also been targeted and that is the private property of the people.

“This is criminal damage. There are no two ways about it. They don’t invite graffiti.

“It’s not a dumpster, or a trash can, or a phone booth – it’s people’s livelihoods.

“I have been in this same part of the street for 25 years and I notice how the street changes.

“If you had local police, they would notice that too.

“They noticed new people who had settled in the city or region. They knew the vulnerable, who to talk to and who to watch.

Chris says he plans to buy a new pickup truck rather than paying thousands of dollars to have the graffiti removed.

Sussex Police said due to a lack of witnesses, CCTV and physical evidence, it was not possible to pursue a full investigation.

Neighborhood Police Team Sergeant Joe Davis said: “We understand the impact of anti-social behavior and graffiti on residents, businesses and the community of Brighton and Hove as a whole.

“Tackling both is a key priority for the force, with a specific task force recently set up to tackle graffiti in the city in particular.

“Our officers maintain visible patrols and collect intelligence to identify areas most affected by anti-social behavior and graffiti to ensure our resources are targeted as effectively as possible.

“Although Palmeira Square is not currently considered to be one of the areas most at risk for anti-social behavior, we encourage the public to report any cases so that we can build an accurate picture of the issues in the community and respond appropriately. appropriate.

“We will always follow all viable investigative leads to investigate specific crimes, but unfortunately, as in this case, when there are none available, a case may need to be registered until de. new evidence is revealed.

“Please continue to report crimes online through the Sussex Police website, calling 101 or dialing 999 if this is an emergency.”

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