Universal now sells digital films attached to flower bouquets


If you’ve always thought that flower arrangements could benefit from having a copy of “Jaws” inside, then a new offer may be for you.

That’s the idea behind a new partnership between 1-800-Flowers.com and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. The companies are teaming up to allow customers to choose from hundreds of Universal films that can be added to purchases from the online retailer. Prices range from $ 6.99 for older movies to $ 9.99 for newer movies and gift recipients can choose any movie they want.

Gift recipients will receive codes that can be redeemed through Movies Anywhere, a digital movie service operated by Disney in partnership with Warner Bros., Universal and Sony Pictures.

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“Digital film collection continues to increase and there’s no better time to join forces with 1-800-Flowers.com to innovate this experience,” said Michael Aaronson, senior vice president at Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. “Now consumers can enrich every giveaway occasion with a personalized cinematic experience that, for the first time, offers the ability to combine a digital film with another giveaway through a major e-commerce brand. By giving the recipient the power to choose the film that suits them. for them, this collaboration introduces the most personalized and flexible digital film giveaway experience on the market. We look forward to expanding this unique add-on to the entire 1-800-Flowers.com, Inc. brand portfolio in the coming months. . “

Companies are working with SmartGift to synchronize the arrival of digital movie codes with gift deliveries. They can also alert the recipient that their gift is on its way and surprise them with their movie ahead of time. Thanks to messaging applications, including e-mail, Facebook Messenger or SMS, recipients will “digitally unwrap their gift” and have access to a list of films from which they can choose.

In addition to flowers, 1-800-Flowers.com also sells gift baskets, plants, and other keepsakes.


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