Thomas: Judging the good, the bad and a florist | Opinion

Why do these court challenges seem to have a higher political focus? There must be florists in Washington state and bakeries in Colorado that cater for same-sex weddings. Why choose those who don’t? Is this part of a larger goal to destroy what remains of what used to be called traditional values?

The basic pillars that have supported America have included religious faith and the military and have been reflected in the stories and characters created by the iconic Walt Disney. These and many others are now under attack.

The Walt Disney Co. has announced a change in its welcome messages at all properties from “Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls” to “Good Evening, Dreamers of All Ages”. A spokesperson for the company (note that I’m avoiding gender specificity) said the move was in line with Disney’s “inclusion and diversity” policy.

Why do inclusion and diversity always seem to exclude people who believe differently? These people are now considered criminals in some states if they seek to apply their faith in their businesses and in the public arena.

The questioning of traditional values ​​will continue as an older generation who lived them, or at least believed in them, will die out. The younger ones who have been baptized with the “awakened” culture in their public schools and universities seem to be ready to tolerate just about anything. What will their new “standard” be? Can it even be called a standard if it changes over time?

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