This Summer Flower Arrangement Will Brighten Up Your Westchester Home

White Plains Damsel Flowers share a whimsical arrangement that’s perfect for celebrating the warm days ahead.


  • scabiosa raspberry
  • pink peony
  • Branch roses
  • quicksand roses
  • caramel roses
  • Yellow, peach and pink buttercup
  • Leucothea
  • asparagus fern

“Inspired by the abundant blooms that surround us at this time of year, this ethereal arrangement is complemented by plants you can find in Westchester backyards!”
— Clarissa Marino, COO, Maid Flowers


  1. Choose a vase that will best suit your space. To support the stems of the arrangement, create a grid with tape over the top of the vase (think a trellis, like when you’re baking a pie!).
  2. Start with the greens. Start by designing the length, with larger greens on one side. Gradually lower them towards the other end, creating an up-down effect. Don’t be afraid to have greens draped a little to the side, for extra dimension.
  3. Start with the largest flowers and sporadically place an odd number on the greens. As you decrease in size, continue to space the flowers in a variety of directions. Although the design may look a little messy, the flowers will ultimately appear as they would in a natural garden scene.
  4. Add your smallest flower of varying lengths to create a whimsical effect. It may be a small buttercup bud that hasn’t bloomed yet.

Photo by Tim Voytek

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