This Sioux Falls florist specializes in atypical compositions

Jada Pyper has spent her life loving designing flower arrangements.

She was obsessed with drawing garlands around her wrist and ankles as a child, and she even helped her mom in her flower shop 15 years ago. After her mother’s shop closed, Pyper would make arrangements for her friends’ weddings as gifts and she would perpetually arrange centerpieces at her house.

It wasn’t until the coronavirus pandemic – and the downtime that came with it – that the 37-year-old mother decided she’d rather spend her time organizing flowers as a business rather than to work as a manager at Costco.

Following his dream, Pyper founded The Vibrant Daisy, a Sioux Falls florist specializing in unusual flower and vase arrangements. She opened the store in June of this year.

Jada Pyper, owner of The Vibrant Daisy, is preparing a flower arrangement for next day delivery, Wednesday, October 13, 2021, at her home in Sioux Falls.

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“It’s good to do something everyday that you are passionate about instead of just working for a salary,” Pyper said. “It was just the right time.”

The Vibrant Daisy is based inside Pyper’s home in southeast Sioux Falls. Her house is filled to the brim with vases, supplies, and flower arrangements for guests. Even though there are a lot of people, it feels more like home than ever.

“Between the coolers and the vases and my desk and all the cabinets full of supplies, the house isn’t really a house. It’s more of a flower shop,” Pyper said. “It got a little out of hand, but I love it.”

Pyper is looking for a commercial point of sale to move his activities outside his home.

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Shelves full of vases and other flower arrangement materials fill the living room on Wednesday, October 13, 2021, at Jada Pyper, owner of The Vibrant Daisy, in Sioux Falls.

Her work not only uses flowers as art, but involves unique vases that help create a vibrant arrangement. The vases range from human hands, faces, a bird on a branch, and even a human heart, which she recently delivered to a nurse at a cardiology unit in Sanford.

“It’s not something you can call and get from someone else,” Pyper said. “I make arrangements with unusual flowers and vases that cannot be found elsewhere. I try to make my things unique.”

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