The shortage of glass prompts a young florist to ask for vases

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Supply chain issues have rattled small business owners across the country since the pandemic hit, but one inventive entrepreneur says she’s ready to make roses from the roadblocks. She asks for help from the community to grow her fledgling flower business.

Lake Highlands neighbor Rachel Denison opened East Dallas Flower Co. last October, and her friends and neighbors kept her going with their orders for school dance boutonnieres, wedding decorations and special occasion bouquets. There’s just one problem – with Mother’s Day approaching, she’s almost down to her last glass vase. The shortage of glass in the country causes him to scramble to find enough to make deliveries.

Denison asks neighborhood moms who have piles of old vases from previous gifts to donate them to his fledgling business. She will pin them and fill them with colorful flowers for the new recipients.

If you’re willing to help, you can leave your vases on the porch of Denison’s LH home at 9948 Estate Lane. You’ll probably never see the final product, but you can imagine a child giving daisies to his mother or an elderly woman receiving roses from her beloved family. A good deed well done and recycling at its best.

You can order flowers from the Denison website here or email him at [email protected] with questions.

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