The revolutionary “Hanatama” flower stand, a simplified traditional Japanese flower arrangement

The revolutionary flower stand

Black modern Japanese flower stand

Black modern Japanese flower stand

Golden modern Japanese flower stand

Golden modern Japanese flower stand

Innovative planter designed by a Togei pottery master.

TOKYO, JAPAN, August 18, 2021 / – Fan Raise Japan has launched a Launch campaign for “Hanatama”, an innovative flower stand designed by a Togei pottery master. The flower stand contains the essence of the traditional Japanese Ikebana flower arrangement, while being modernly designed to remove complexity so that anyone can experience and appreciate the beauty of the Japanese style flower arrangement within minutes only.

“Whether you want to display Western or Japanese style flowers, at home or artfully for an event, you can shape your ideas simply with any flower using this unique flower stand.” said Ms. Hidemi Mashiko, (Flower and Lifestyle Planner, Founder and CEO of the International Total Florist Association)

While most Togei pottery has become a mass product, Hanatama was created following the tradition and values ​​of handcrafted pottery by professional potters. Each of the flower stands are carefully carved one by one, which signifies promising quality. One of the main characteristics of Togei pottery is the origin of the clay and the ceramic firing kiln, as different styles and colors are traditional in the area where these floors and kilns are located. Hanatama are created by Mr. Yoshinori Yamamoto and his son Mr. Kazuma Yamamoto, an artisan representative of the Kusatsu ceramic style, an official local product of Kuatsu, Shiga Prefecture.

Unlike the traditional Ikebana where the stems are placed directly on Kenzan (standing needles), the Hanatama is used by placing branches, stems and flowers in holes on the outside of the pottery. This unique design not only gives a sleek and sophisticated look, but it remarkably relieves the difficulty of using the Kenzan while giving the same Ikebana essence.

Similar to bonsai (“art of miniature potted trees”), Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arrangement. The method of flower arrangement is distinct, with practitioners displaying flowers, branches, stems, and leaves, artfully balanced on a circular set of standing needles called the Kenzan. Kenzan is typically used as a base to express a universe of floral creativity, where practitioners explore the art of presenting season, nature, life, beauty, and culture. While the Western-style flower arrangement generally focuses on the beauty of the fulfillment of the space, Ikebana often expresses the beauty by minimizing branches and flowers, as the open space is interpreted as part of the work of art.

The skills of Ikebana are practiced through lifelong learning called Kado, “the path of flowers”. Practitioners believe that developing inner spirit and culture is the real beauty of Kado, so the skills cannot be easily mastered.

With this product, consumers can simply enjoy the experience and beauty of Ikebana within minutes. Endless flower arrangement possibilities can be explored. The Hanatama range consists of Kickstarter’s exclusive black and gold color and offers 5 sizes to choose from.

Hanatama flower displays are available now for a limited time on Kickstarter, with an early bird price starting at $ 33.

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The revolutionary flower stand: “Hanatama”

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