The history of the Royal Boutique

Meet Maria Dobrovolskiy, entrepreneur and CEO of Le Boutique Royal, a luxury florist serving Miami, Broward and Palm Beach County. Raised in New York, Maria owned a hugely popular food chain in New York before moving to Miami nearly a decade ago and owning several other successful businesses along the way. However, hHer heart has always been for fashion and flowers, so in 2016 she decided to pursue her passion and open a luxury florist.

La Boutique Royal is not just a simple flower shop, the company takes floral arrangements to the next level. Maria’s vision was to create luxury arrangements presented in designer hat boxes and unique displays to meet every customer’s wants and needs. The company has been hugely successful, having provided arrangements for the Setai, Four Seasons, Kiki on the River and Seaspice, to name a few. They also worked with celebrity clients such as Kim Kardashian, Enrique Iglesias, 50 Cent and Haute Living magazine.

Recently, Maria spoke with Haute Living of La Boutique Royal about her love of flowers and why you should absolutely use flowers for your next event.

Haute Living: Why did you create La Boutique Royal?

Maria Dobrovolsky: Miami is all about luxury and after living here for a while I quickly realized Miami was lacking in truly exceptional flower arrangements and good personal customer service. I wanted to bring a unique style of flowers that would become one of the most sought after and popular gifts. I always say “La Boutique Royal is the Chanel of flowers – chic, elegant and absolutely top quality.”

HL: Do you feel that a flower sends a message better than a word?

MARYLAND: Absoutely. Each Le Boutique Royal arrangement is a reflection of deep feelings and emotions, embodying a special message in itself. Our professional florists always aim to exceed your expectations. Whether you’re looking for a more creative “thank you” or a sweet “I love you”, we always deliver an everlasting impression.

HL: How is the Le Boutique Royal brand unique?

Since we import our own flowers from Holland, Colombia, Ecuador, we always have a very large and super fresh variety to choose from. We also offer same day delivery for all our arrangements.

HL: Do you feel that the appreciation of flowers has diminished in recent years?

In fact, I have the impression that flowers are more and more appreciated. Especially with the recent changes brought about by the pandemic, many people haven’t been able to see family and friends and celebrate birthdays and holidays together for a long time, so sending flowers was a great way to tell your loved ones how much point you care.

HL: What is your best memory of the company?

MARYLAND: Our first Valentine’s Day. We had so many orders that a whole team worked non-stop for 5 days. The support, hard work and dedication of the team was truly special. It taught me that your company is only as strong as your team and that day I realized that I really had the best.

HL: What are the three best things about being a florist?

MD: Being part of something special

We love hearing our customers’ stories and being part of special memories for them. It’s a privilege to be able to meet so many people and create something special for each of them.

Express creativity

Flower arranging is truly our passion and our creative outlet. Our master florists have spent years perfecting their craft and making a name for themselves in the industry. Indeed, our bouquets are original, unique and stand out from the traditional. We love to offer different bouquet designs and experiment with everything from flower and color combinations to the shape of the bouquets. Even figuring out the names of our bouquets is fun!

To be surrounded by what you love

This one goes without saying (but I’m going to talk about it anyway), being surrounded by beautiful fresh flowers every day is wonderful. Your surroundings really have an effect on how you feel, and it’s hard not to feel super happy working in a place that’s filled with something that’s not only nice to look at but actually gives you joy.

For more information on Le Boutique Royal, please visit the website here.

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