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Buying guide for artificial flower bouquets

Artificial peonies flowers in white ceramic vase on white table.

Why buy artificial flowers?

If you love the look of beautiful, fresh flowers, you may know that growing them takes a lot of time and effort, and buying them can be expensive. Artificial flowers are becoming a more popular option for home, office, and even wedding decorations. They are hassle-free and maintenance-free, requiring no watering, sunlight, food, or special maintenance. They’re often made from silk or plastic, which means they’re a great alternative for those who love flowers but have pollen allergies. They’re made to last forever, and you can find them in just about any type of flower or color you could want, and there are even UV-protected and water-resistant options that offer a extra durability. They will save you money in the long run as they do not require constant replacement and are therefore reusable and can be reused as many times as you wish.

What should you consider when buying a bouquet of artificial flowers?

  • Type: Artificial flowers can come in any flower you want: tulips, roses, orchids, lilies, peonies, daisies, and more. There’s also greenery and smaller sprays, like baby’s breath. You can also find single or multiple flowers. Like fresh-cut options, there are many bouquets made up of multiple types of flowers.
  • Design: There are a few design features to look out for that will make your artificial flowers look more realistic. Flowers with wires running through the stems, petals, and leaves tend to be more durable and are easier to rearrange. A matte finish is generally preferable as it will look more realistic than a glossy finish. Some can be attached with fake water droplets or small sprays of baby’s breath.
  • Color: Since these are not real flowers, you can find silk and artificial flowers in any color you want, even those not found in nature. Colors like gold, green, and rainbow are all options. Silk flowers especially offer bright and vibrant hues when dyed. As long as you don’t keep them in direct sunlight, they will retain that color over time, unlike dried flowers.

Is there a special way to care for artificial flowers?

You don’t need to do much to make your artificial flowers look great or last a long time. Above all, handle them gently. If they are exposed for longer periods of time, you can take a damp cloth to dust them gently. Make sure they are out of the sun for long periods of time. Even though the packaging says they are UV resistant, the sun can still fade their color.

Our picks for the best artificial flower bouquets

best garland

Benefits: This set of five gives you 41 feet of colorful rose vines for your decorating needs. They are versatile and can be used to decorate a railing, column, archway or conceal exposed wires, draperies, etc. You can choose from six beautiful colors so you can find the right combination.

The inconvenients: The flowers are not glued to the vine and may fall off during installation.

Conclusion: These rose vines can be used in many ways to decorate. Whether it’s for a special event or to brighten up a room in your home, they add an extra touch of beauty while remaining affordable. Bring glue or be patient with falling flowers.

Ideal for DIY projects

Benefits: This pack of 25 roses is available in 41 different colors and multipacks, so you can find the exact shade you’re looking for. Each rose comes with a stem that you can cut or remove depending on your project and use. The flowers are handmade in latex and foam to give a realistic look. The materials make them soft, more durable, and they won’t wrinkle like other artificial flowers.

The inconvenients: Stems can be a bit flimsy, you may need something sturdier to help hold them in a vase.

Conclusion: These roses are easy to use for any DIY that interests you. They are elegant enough for centerpieces and wedding bouquets and durable enough to be used in special table settings that you could reuse.

Ideal for outdoors

Benefits: Bring the beauty of hanging flower baskets or planters to your home without working for hours. This pack includes three bundles of artificial daffodils, three purple boxwood shrubs and three greenery shrubs. Each stem is separate, allowing for greater customization and creativity in your arrangement. These flowers have a natural, fresh color instead of hues that look fake. The flower plastic is environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

The inconvenients: Although UV resistant, they tend to fade in the sun.

Conclusion: These faux flowers are easy to customize for your arrangement no matter how you plan to use them: in a vase, in the cemetery, in a hanging basket, and more.

Ideal for decoration

Benefits: These handmade silk and foam flowers are designed to embellish signs or other event decor. The large flower garland is 20 inches long and the small flower garland is 10 inches long. The set includes two garlands, three zip ties and three metal clips to hang at your event. The set is available in 14 color options, so you have plenty to choose from to match the rest of your decor.

The inconvenients: It is a more expensive option.

Conclusion: These artificial flowers are a beautiful and realistic addition to event decor, even the most special formal gatherings like weddings. The set is designed with event signage or other functionality in mind and includes helpful tools for affixing them.

Best mixed bouquet

Benefits: If creating your faux flower bouquet seems daunting, you’re in luck. These pre-made arrangements are beautiful and ready to use as soon as they arrive. There are five bouquets to choose from and their range of flowers to suit multiple color palettes and occasions. The bouquet is made from a mix of silk and plastic flowers and can be trimmed or arranged to your size and taste.

The inconvenients: These don’t look as comprehensive or high quality in person.

Conclusion: Brighten up your home or a special event with a ready made artificial flower bouquet. Simply choose your vase and enjoy the view of the pretty flowers around you.

Final Thoughts

Artificial flowers can be used in many ways and can add as much beauty to your home or event as real flowers. Whether you need them for party decorations, a DIY project, or to brighten up your home, these picks are sure to add a touch of elegance and joy to your life.

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