The 12 best places to order flowers online


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Flowers on Valentine’s Day are the one cliché that we never tire of yet. I mean, who doesn’t love to have a gorgeous bouquet that they can look at all day? While you can buy flowers at your grocery store, online flower delivery services are an easy way to make sure that the special someone in your life receives their flowers on time. Plus, there are so many unique services like Bouqs and Floom that make it seem like you’ve spent more time and energy choosing the perfect bloom.

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But before you buy flowers online, it’s important to note that you usually have two options: boxed or delivered by a florist. Boxed flowers usually don’t come pre-arranged or fully bloomed, which means you have to do a bit of work, but they tend to last longer. But if you want your sweetheart to enjoy all the splendor of a fully blossomed bouquet on February 14th, then the local florist option is your best bet.

Below, you’ll find 12 highly regarded floral services that are expected to be delivered by Valentine’s Day this year.

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1. 1-800-Flowers

We loved this service when testing it.

Our favorite: Darling Medley — $ 64.99

1-800-Flowers is probably one of the OG services that comes to mind when you think of flower delivery. There is a ton of valentine bouquets to choose from, as well as gifts like chocolates and teddy bears that your Valentine will find especially sweet. Additionally, we have found that 1-800-Flowers delivers quality bouquets in a timely manner after test the service ourselves.

One thing to note though: We found that the flowers on site delivered by local florists were far superior to those delivered in boxes. Those that arrive by the florist are well laid out and fully flowered, compared to those that come in a box that you will have to cut, feed, and place in a vase, which decreases the romance when receiving flowers. Plus, with a huge selection of local florists, you’ll be able to find the perfect bouquet for your sweetheart.

Shop 1-800-Flowers

2. BloomsyBox

Give someone the joy of flowers each month.

Our favorite: Bloomsy Roses Plan — $ 44.99 / month

Although BloomsyBox is technically a flower subscription service, you can still purchase a unique bouquet of the site for Valentine’s Day. Or you can just use the subscription and keep the romance blossoming for months. The flowers are all locally sourced and the site offers a range of seasonal flower bouquets. When we tested BloomsyBox we were impressed with their vibrant blooms which arrived on time and lasted around two weeks. While we haven’t received any of the individual bouquets, if they look like the subscription, your Valentine’s Day will be blown away.

Buy BloomsyBox

3. Bouqs

All my colleagues are obsessed with Bouqs.

Our favorite: I love you forever – $ 69

Several of my friends and colleagues have bragged about the fresh, eco-friendly flowers from Bouqs. I even sent a lovely bouquet to my parents and they loved the quality of the flowers. They source from local farms, so you get information on which farm your bouquet is coming from with every purchase. The site sells individual bouquets, but also offers a floral subscription service (which would also make a great permanent gift for your Valentine’s Day) that gives you 30% off your first bouquet. Our trade editor has been using the service for a year and is absolutely obsessed. Her mother receives them too and always sends her pictures and rejoices in the beauty of every arrangement.

Bouqs Shop

4. FTD Flowers

There are a ton of options here.

Our favorite: Valentine’s Day Bouquet — $ 60

From sweet arrangements to chocolate covered strawberries, FTD Flowers has just about every corner of the world. Valentine’s day covered gift market. Whether you’re looking for great deals on Valentine’s Day flowers or other freebies, FTD has dozens of options to choose from. FTD bouquets are also organized by local florists which is a good idea. We are currently testing the service and have found that they are absolutely adorable, although they are a bit smaller than they appear in the picture.

Shop FTD Flowers

5. Amazon

Find different florists at this great retailer.

Our favorite: Benchmark Signature Roses and Alstroemeria Bouquets — $ 43.68

In addition to ordering your household essentials, you can order your Valentine’s Day a bouquet of flowers from a local florist on Amazon. The large online retailer has a specific page dedicated to fresh cut flowers and you can choose your sweetheart’s favorite with a huge selection of roses, carnations, mixed bouquets and more. But since these flowers are from different florists, you’ll need to read the fine print of each bouquet to make sure it arrives on time.

Buy fresh cut flowers from Amazon

6. Flowers Pro

These flowers from a box are absolutely gorgeous.

Our favorite: Bouquet meant to be – $ 55.25

ProFlowers is an FTD company and has similar offerings, but with a slight twist. This is the first service we tested that delivered beautiful blooming flowers right out of the box rather than waiting a few days for them to straighten out. The flowers we tested lasted a full week without fading, which is shocking considering they are already in full bloom. In our experience they also arrived on time and looked absolutely stunning.

Buy ProFlowers

7. The threshold

An alternative to the bouquet.

Our favorite: Pink anthurium — $ 68

If you’re looking for something less traditional and will last longer than a week or so, try ordering potted flowers from The Sill. The site currently has a Valentine’s Day Page with a ton of selected flowers and houseplants. Note that some of the more popular plants have a waiting list, so you will need to choose the flowers that are currently available to make sure they arrive on time.

One of our editors bought a houseplant from The Sill and loved the plant delivery service. She enjoyed how well packed and safe her ZZ plant came with care instructions, so her plant is always thriving. You can expect the plant you choose for your Valentine’s Day to arrive intact.

Shop the threshold

8. Urban stems

These flowers come from local farms.

Our favorite: The Romeo – $ 75

We tested Urban Stems and found its boxed flowers to be gorgeous, although they needed a bit of TLC right out of the box. The flowers are arranged in-house and come from local farms, so a pre-arranged bouquet will be sent on your Valentine’s Day, which means there is no problem for you. Vases can be ordered with bouquets, but note that they are delivered separately. But there are no hidden charges when ordering and the site currently offers a wide range of Valentine’s Day themed bouquets to choose.

Buy urban rods

9. Teleflora

Connect with local florists.

Our favorite: Moononstruck Mercure Bouquet – $ 56.99

Teleflora has a plethora of bouquet options that are curated by a local florist and will be hand-delivered on your Valentine’s Day on the desired date. In addition to her beautiful arrangements, Teleflora offers unique handmade vases and jars that make the bouquet extra special. If you’re looking to save on flowers, Teleflora also offers a deal of the day with a different discounted arrangement each day.

Shop Teleflora

10. Flocking

Choose your flowers by location, not by bouquet.

Our favorite: Love Lane — $ 85

By connecting you with local artisan florists, Floom offers a wonderful selection of unique flowers. For this reason, you should first select the flowers based on your Valentine’s Day location rather than buying by bouquet, which limits your options. However, it does create a more localized experience that will make your recipient feel loved. You can also order local plants and groceries with Floom.

Floom Shop

11. Of your flowers

Order on Amazon or its site.

Our selection : A dozen rainbow roses – $ 34.99

From You Flowers is very popular for flower delivery and sells its popular bouquets on its own site as well as Amazon. Along with dozens of bouquets to choose from, there are flowering plants like orchids, hydrangeas, and anthuriums for your Valentine’s Day. Best of all, the flowers can be delivered within four hours of ordering, and you can have the arrangement delivered in vases or choose accessories like chocolates and stuffed animals.

Buy your flowers

12. Venus and Flower

These flowers are overdone in the best way.

Our favorite: Small heart-shaped box — $ 359

If you really want to wow your valentine, check out Venus and Fleur. These luxury arrangements can cost anywhere from $ 300 to $ 1,200, depending on the selection, but are meant to last for an entire year so you can justify the price. Celebrities like The Kardashians and Gigi Hadid are also obsessed with them. They also have a choice of additional gifts including candles, mini flowers, and roses enclosed in glass boxes.

Venus and Flower Shop

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