Sweet Pea Florist in Helston will close on Christmas Eve and move to Degibna Lane

A Helston florist went into more detail about her plans after announcing she would be leaving the town center in December and moving to new premises in the town at New Years.

Sweet Pea in Meneage Street will close on Christmas Eve and reopen at a different location in Helston in January 2023.

The goal behind this is to create more space and more opportunities for flower arranging classes, bachelorette parties and more personal consultations with clients.

Lin Tuner, 56, who joined the shop as manager in 2010 before buying the business in 2017, is now relocating it to Goonhusband Farm in Degibna Lane, uptown.

She said she made the decision after realizing there wasn’t enough space inside the current building due to an increase in clientele and lack of parking for her van. delivery and customers outside.

Also, as more and more weddings have become larger and more elaborate, more flower arrangements are needed, which currently take up more space in the shop.

Lin will move the business to a new location in Helston in JanuarySweet Pea

But, aside from space and parking, Lin wants to offer more to her customers and locals, by hosting flower arranging classes that Lin says she “loves.”

There are also plans for bachelorette parties at the farm, which will include flower arrangements, prosecco, and a cheese and meat platter provided by Lin’s friend who is a caterer.

Lin is also planning a flower crown-making class for Mother’s Day, where moms and their children can come learn and create a flower crown.

Lin will move the business to a new location in Helston in JanuarySweet Pea

But Lin’s first love is wedding flowers, which she has created for hundreds of weddings since joining the company in 2010. She is also thrilled to be able to teach people how to arrange flowers, something which she had wanted to do for a long time.

“Wedding flowers are my first love, along with teaching. By moving to larger premises, there will be more opportunities for client consultations and better parking, as there will be more space,” said she declared.

Lin is optimistic about the future and looks forward to seeing the business grow, but admits that she will miss some parts when she moves into the new location.

“I’m sad to leave Main Street, but it will give me more time to focus on the flowers, more time to visit the bridal venue,” Lin added.

Lin will move the business to a new location in Helston in JanuarySweet Pea

Currently, opening hours remain to be confirmed but will be announced on the Sweet Pea website. The website is still available for click-and-collect and deliveries and the business phone number will remain the same.

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