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Sustainable flowers are on everyone’s mind, from brides-to-be to notable surnames. HELLO! spoke exclusively to larry walshe – florist at the royalscelebrities and luxury brands – who shared her expert tips to ensure your wedding flowers are as durable because they are spectacularwhatever your budget.

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Royal households, Christian Dior, valentineand Adele and Rhianna all appreciated the services of Larry Walshe, the founder of BloomUK’s first 100% plastic free and zero waste luxury online floristry service.

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“I feel like during lockdown, each of us at home started realizing the huge amount of waste that packaging produces. It became apparent that we needed to find solutions that are more respectful of the planet. We decided to create a new commercial offer and felt that the one that was completely plastic-free and sustainable would be the ultimate goal…and then we did it!“Larry gets excited.

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Traditional English garden themes are timeless

Keep reading to learn more about the the biggest wedding trends for 2023how to choose your flowers and above all, how to make them sustainable choices on a tight budget.

The range of sustainable options is limitless

How to make your wedding flowers eco-responsible?

* Be open to what styles and looks best suit that style of design – take advice from your salespeople and let them guide you.

* Consider every part of the journey – where do your flowers come from? How to build them in a sustainable way? How long do your suppliers need to create this work? What can we do with the flowers after the wedding itself?

* Depending on what you are looking to create, your florist will be able to make suggestions that will work best for you. Sometimes these methods take a little longer, so if your location gives you a bit more time in the day, it may be possible.

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Bring your garden indoors

How can you reuse your wedding flowers after your big day?

Larry is a strong proponent of reusing flowers: “It’s always wonderful when flowers from a wedding can be reused later. We love it when guests ask for designs to take away at the end of the night. as you know, they are going to be loved longer at home.”

If this is something you would like to do:

* Let your florist know early in the design process so they can offer designs built in a way to make this option possible.

* Turn your flowers into confetti. Larry explains, “We recently partnered with a charity confetti company that uses our flowers after the wedding, dries them and turns them into natural confetti. They then make a charitable donation for each sale. It’s wonderful to see our flowers go to a good reception after they’ve already been appreciated.”

Keep reading to learn more wedding trend forecasts and tips for creating your own aesthetic.

How much do wedding flowers cost on average?

* This varies enormously so our best suggestion if you want to understand what you should invest in, is to gather ideas about what you like, organize consultations with reputable suppliers and ask their opinion. Bloom is always happy to guide clients and advise them on how much to budget for their wedding design in order to achieve the results they crave.

* Consider that some more durable choices may also cost a bit more. However, consumer demand usually drives this price down so until we can all start asking for it, it’s still a bit higher than usual. Support these vendors, help bring attention to the products that matter, and spend a little more to have a more sustainable and conscious celebration.

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Florists are creative professionals

How can brides make eco-friendly choices on a tight budget?

*Green choices don’t have to cost more. Sometimes thinking about what you will do with your flowers after the wedding, for example, is just a consideration, rather than an additional cost,” advises Larry.

* “Also, advise your florist on your budget and saying you’d like to design with sustainability in mind and then letting them come back with design ideas will always bring the best results.”

* Another point to remember is that:Florists are creative and will be happy to take on a challenge. We can then present you with concepts that may be different from your original ideas, but which may be even better!”

Seasonal blooms are stunning and profitable

How do you know which flowers will be in season on your wedding day?

* Selecting seasonal flowers will always provide the best quality and price, so it’s a great idea to ask your florist which flowers are most available for your wedding date. You can also ask if any of the flowers they mention are grown and available for UK source.

* There are a number of online resources also available if you want to do more advanced homework, but in our opinion ask your suppliers. We love to answer your questions and feel your enthusiasm and are always available to guide you.

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What are the biggest wedding flower trends for 2022-2023?

Pops of color come alive at weddings

HELLO!: Are you getting requests for any particular themes or trends right now?

We’re noticing that couples are becoming more open to using color – Gone are the days when every wedding is white or dusty pink – touches of blue, lilac, yellow, orange and brighter hues of pink are all here and we love it! It lends itself very well to the English style of bring the outside, the inside – recreate the garden in a meaningful and dynamic way,” said Larry, and examples of his recent designs show this trend coming to life.

HELLO!: You are considered a trendsetter and have worked with fashion houses. What trends can you predict for brides next year?

Vintage shades of lilac and pink next to nude, caramel and cappuccino tones are set to be seen across the world in 2023. With new flower varieties being developed each year, these colors will continue to grow in popularity,” Larry revealed.

Vintage shades of lilac, pink and nude will be trending in 2023

Interesting way, Kim Kardashian and Khloe KardashianThe tastes of influencing brides across the country. “Tastemakers like the Kardashians use nude and caramel colors consistently across their brands and this trickles down to wedding trends using flowers in the same colorspairing them with linens and furniture to offer something new and exciting that has never been celebrated before“, continued Larry.

Caramel and cappuccino tones are celebrity favorites

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How to Create Your Own Unique Wedding Floral Aesthetic

HELLO!: You are known for ingenious and original presentations; how would you suggest a bride find her own unique style among the almost overwhelming array of choices?

Work closely with a wedding designer. There are so many possibilities, choices and options available that can often be overwhelming. That’s our job – we know what’s out there and we know what’s possible to create within your time constraints and budget,” says Larry.

Share what you like and your florist will create it

If you don’t know where to start, Larry encourages you to bring examples of anything you find online or in magazines“We start every client meeting with a blank sheet of paper and take the time to get to know our clients, individually and as a couple. We take all their initial ideasthe images they found online and the details they know want or don’t want see included and interpret them in a scheme that has never been seen before. We select the best ideasfind a way to bring them together in a coherent way and come up with a scheme that will be the topic of conversation for every guest.”

Your special day can also be eco-friendly

For such a great industry, floristry produces an exorbitant amount of plastic which contributes to the 600 million tons of waste produced in the UK every year, so check out Larry Walshe website and instagram page for more inspiration.

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