Summerland flower shop rebranded with new owner stepping in to help widowed former owner – Penticton News

A new store will open in Summerland on Friday, after a longtime florist took over a downtown staple business under unexpected circumstances.

Colleen Statt moved to Summerland just over ten months ago and had no plans to open a store after working in the flower industry for over 18 years.

“In fact, oddly enough, I had no interest in staying in the industry because it can actually be a challenge and I’ve been in it for a long time. You don’t really have a family vacation, and that sort of thing because you’re so busy, ”she explained.

However, when Statt came to Martin’s Flowers and met the two elderly owners, she decided to help out in their store. When the couple needed support, Statt stepped in.

“One of them had fallen ill and they could not enter the store. And so I just offered to come in and give them a hand because they were so nice to me, and just sell some of their flowers.

“Honestly, the response has been phenomenal. About five hours after the doors opened, I had about 100 customers coming through the doors. “

The store completely sold out of flowers that day.

Sadly, half of the property died later that spring, leaving the store to the widow. So Statt decided she wanted to buy the store.

“It’s just because at the time when they were working with this couple, they were very nice to me and the community just blew me away. So I thought if I ever had to do this, where would it be, and now would be.

It worked for Statt to buy the store and open in November. Bella Vita Flowers will have its opening weekend this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

“It worked out well for me. Because really, it’s an opportunity to prepare for Christmas too, which is a minor flower festival. Then you go to Valentine’s Day, Easter and Mother’s Day. and that sort of thing, and so really, the weather worked really well.

Statt hopes to attract the local community with his large flower arrangement, selection of decor, and open flower refrigerator.

“I want it to be very experiential. So when people step into our big walk-in cooler, it’s all about getting in. On the one hand, we will all have loose flowers, so you can take one flower, two flowers, whatever you want, but you can build your own bouquet, you are not limited to whatever we propose. “

“And then on the other side, you’ll have all the predefined arrangements, so you can literally come in and take something.”

A variety of orchids, tropical flowers, carnations, daisies and roses will be fresh on the shelves.

The store will be open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. this weekend before opening full time from Tuesday to Saturday throughout the month of November from 10 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.

Pop by Bella Vita Flowers at 10122A Main Street in Summerland.

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