Sioux Falls flower shop thrilled with last-minute shoppers

SIOUX FALLS, SD (Dakota News Now) — The Sioux Falls Flower Mill has been open for 15 years, but Valentine’s Day excitement is still as high as its first year.

“It’s stressful but it’s also a lot of fun I have great employees and it’s fun spending time with them and we try to make it as fun as possible, we love our customers and we just love serving them “, Stacy, owner of Flower Mill told Schaap.

Valentine’s Day is always the biggest day of the year for the store, as many people wait until the last minute to buy gifts for their loved ones.

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“I don’t think that has changed at all, it’s always a very rushed thing where everyone is trying to get in and get their flowers, guys are always last minute so we have a lot of people who come and take bouquets with them and we have a very full cooler,” said florist Sue Pellman.

The store needs to plan ahead for all of its last-minute shoppers.

“We start planning Valentine’s Day the week before we even order the flowers way before, but the week before we get all our flowers and vases ready,” Pellman said.

The Flower Mill offers several different packages so everyone can get what they want this Valentine’s Day.

“We do everything from simple stems of flowers in bulk where you can come in and pick your own flowers and colors and we package them for you, you can also grab our pre-made arrangements in coolers where you can just grab them and go ” said Schaap.

With such demand and so many last-minute shoppers, the floral boutique is extending its opening hours for today only.

“We usually close at 5:30 p.m., but on Valentine’s Day we keep the doors open until people stop showing up,” Schaap said.

For a full list of options at the Flower Mill, click here.

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