Sarah Thongnopneua’s Baked Blooms bakery turns cupcakes into succulents and bouquets of flowers

SAN ANSELMO, Calif .– Sarah Thongnopneua grows succulents and flowers with 100% buttercream. Yes, you read that right.

She runs Baked Blooms, a San Anselmo-based company specializing in custom cupcake plant bouquets, aka BouCAKEs.

Starting his business in 2016, Thongnopneua has mastered the art of cupcake design, winning the Food Network’s “Cupcake Championship” grand prize.

“I do a lot of different flowers, anemones, peonies, roses, daffodils, chrysanthemums, hydrangeas, succulents,” Thongnopneua said. “The list is endless.”

Each cupcake is designed to resemble a specific flower according to the customer’s preferences. The treats are then wrapped in bouquet form or placed in an earthenware pot for creative and edible gifts and centerpieces.

Thongnopneua’s arrangements look a lot like real plants, leaving customers in awe of the striking similarity.

“I thought they were real shrubs. There are some that look like cacti and desert plants,” client Matous Young said. “Like the Academy of Sciences cupcakes.”

Some think Baked Blooms are too pretty to eat, others dive head first into the floral treat of fluffy buttercream and melt-in-your-mouth cake.

“I get so many emails and order follow-ups that I have done like, ‘You celebrated my daughter’s birthday’ or ‘Granny cried with your bouquet’ or ‘Your centerpieces were the successful marriage ‘”said Thongnopneua. “Just super humiliating and totally worth it. That’s why I keep doing it.”

How to get your hands on a BouCAKE? Decide which flowers you would like to devour, and Sarah will make a personalized bouquet for you!

To order a BouCAKE and learn Sarah’s piping techniques visit here.

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The video was filmed before the COVID-19 restrictions.

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