Rockefeller Center hot dog carts turned into overflowing bouquets of flowers


For several years now, floral designer Lewis Miller (who runs Lewis Miller Design) has been roaming the city, leaving beautiful flower displays in trash cans, statues, phone booths, and everywhere else that inspires him, in an effort to move up morale among New Yorkers. and forget about the fact that every square inch of this city is covered in pigeon droppings. For Valentine’s Day, he imagined a particularly enchanting combination: four custom-made hot dog carts filled with thousands of multicolored roses, carnations and hydrangeas. Because nothing is more romantic than picking a flower for your Valentine’s Day in a New York hot dog cart.

The hot dog flower carts will be on display at Rockefeller Plaza in Manhattan throughout Valentine’s Day, until approximately 9 p.m. tonight. Each of the carts also has its own color scheme, ranging from whites to shades of pink, rich reds and deep purples.

As one person wrote on Twitter, “Only in New York City you could drape a hot dog cart in flowers, call it a Valentine’s Day decoration, and get absolutely crazy crowds to come out and take pictures.”

Miller has been reusing event flowers since 2016 to host a “flower flash” about once a month. The project first started in October 2016, when he and his team brought 2,000 flowers to the John Lennon “Imagine” Memorial in Central Park, and began to create “a psychedelic halo of yellow, pink, purple and orange dahlias and carnations.”

Since then, they have placed flowers in a multitude of urban locations, including construction sites, subway entrances, gravel pits, historic statues, dumpsters, subway nooks and church steps. abandoned.

He previously told Gothamist that his original idea was to “create an emotional response through flowers” and “to provide New Yorkers with the same experience that he offers to his paying customers.” Whenever he can delight New Yorkers, he’s happy: “New Yorkers are hard to surprise and hard to please, so if we can get a childish reaction from them, it’s a victory and a victory. gift to [me and my team]. “


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