Robert Peek’s Water Photos Reveal Bouquets of Mystical Flowers

A collection of eerie water photos by Dutch photographer Robert Peek recently revealed the magic of working with natural elements such as water and flowers. Fresh flowers emerge through a watery, smoke-like substance. Tune in to see the mysterious floral water photos revealed.

Robert Peek’s Water Photos Show Flower Power

Lifeforms take on a more enigmatic quality when arranged in clumps of a species, which Robert Peek achieves in his water photographs by dissolving his subject in water with white ink.

Using his special skills in photography, the Rotterdam-based artist seeks to show the existential relationship between two natural resources – water and flowers. Nothing will ever dampen the power of flowers in the world, and through these water photos Robert has managed to show exactly their potential.

Components of water pictures

The dazzling petals shoot through the misty liquid, amplified by two Profoto lamps (a type of photographic product) that enhance their textures and vibrant colors.

The white flowers are part of water photos by Robert Peek on Thursday

This method is used to intensify the lighting, sometimes using a high speed to freeze the image in time. The pictures here are just a small part of Peek’s huge collection of water pictures.

While some colors stand out and are amplified, others are hidden by the whiteout. Robert Peek’s close-ups of water photos feature lavender and thistle heads converted into mythological creations that appear from the mysterious background using his perception-bending methodology.

His interest in photography started early in college

Peek, who received his training at the Royal College of Art, became interested in using light as a technique to alter the composition and texture of his works so that he could later transform images into works of art. art that look like paintings.

His still-looking images of natural flowers have a wistful rawness, and many of the projects he uploads to Behance are driven by an interest in loneliness and isolation.

The art depicted in these unique water photos is unique

These beautiful water pictures are sure to enhance your interior while adding a very rare and mysterious look wherever you put them. Robert Peek and his team make sure to work with crystal-clear, museum-quality plexiglass and razor-sharp prints, and to finish, they polish the edges of each piece. What this will achieve in decorating your home is impressive depth and superior image quality.

Blue flowers in the background of great water shots on Thursday

If you can’t wait to see and learn more about these quirky water shots, head straight to Robert Peek’s website. You will be amazed at what it has to offer and PS: these would surely look amazing in your home.

All photos are from Robert Peek Fotografie.

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