Rafflesia Flower Shop Job Guide for Persona 5 Royal

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  • Flower details and correct bouquet requests
  • The rewards: yen, skills and confidence bonuses

There is certainly a lot to do in Persona 5 Royal with all the dungeon crawling and heartstealing you do. However, you will also need some yen to buy healing items, weapons, and other useful goods found around Tokyo. Fortunately, Joker can get a few part-time jobs to bolster his bank account.

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One such job is at the Flower Shop, Rafflesia. The job itself is simple, but it has certain unlock conditions and a complicated system of custom orders that reward you with bonus payouts for successful completion. If you need a little help getting your roots down at Rafflesia, we’ve got you covered.


How to work at Rafflesia

Before you start working at Rafflesia, let’s first review the basics of the job.

To be employed

Rafflesia is one of the jobs originally available for Joker on 4/18 when Morgana suggests he consider a part-time job. To do this, go to Underpass in Shibuya and use your map to find the yen icons that indicate the location of working magazine stands. They will have a blue sign that reads “Best Work” above them.

Approach the stand when you find one and check out the offers. There are three jobs available initially, but to accept Rafflesia’s job, you have at least one rank 2 charm. If you’re a bit lacking in this area, check out our guide to boosting your charm.

Go to work

Rafflesia is located at Shibuya Underground Mall. It is towards the far right of the area and is indicated by a flower icon on the map.

While things were different in the vanilla game, work at Rafflesia is only available in the afternoons in Persona 5 Royal. Keep this limitation in mind when planning Joker days, as not all jobs and events have time constraints like this.


As with other part-time jobs, working at Rafflesia is essential to unlocking an application in Mementos. The query given to you here is called Who assaulted people?. as long as you have worked two shifts at Rafflesia before 8/5Mishima will text you about it as usual.

He gives you the information and asks you to find out who the culprit is. Working a third shift at Rafflesia after receiving Mishima’s text and ask who attacked people in the area. This will give you a name, so head to Mementos and deal with the thug when you can. He rewards you with Charge, a skill card to use on thieves.

Flower details and correct bouquet requests

To find information about each flower in the game, Joker can buy a book called Flowerpedia of Hinokuniya, the bookstore in Shinjuku. The end of the book will give you these additional details on all the flowers available to you, but we’ve included them below.

Sizes flower name Color
Little Orchid in love White
Justice Jasmine Light blue
rainbow sage Yellow
stinky olive Orange
Normal delicious lily Light blue
The sweetest of peas Blue
Big Gecko Orchid Pink
golden gerbera Yellow
scarlet rose Red
Venerable Chrysanthemum White
Assorted Care-Nation (“Brilliant”) Red
Fluorescent Freesia (no size) Pale yellow

Joker can receive custom bouquet orders, resulting in an increase in salary if done successfully. With the table above, you can use contextual hints from custom commands you receive to guess which ones would look good in the bouquet requests. If you’d rather just type in the correct answers for each bouquet, we’ve got you covered too.

Request Flowers to include
Birthday party for a friend’s child. delicious lily
golden gerbera
rainbow sage
Colorful flowers that correspond to the 60th anniversary celebration. Care-Nation
Orchid in love
scarlet rose
Venerable Chrysanthemum
Feelings of gratitude towards a benefactor. Gecko Orchid
rainbow sage
The sweetest of peas
I want to express my love. Care-Nation
Orchid in love
Justice Jasmine
scarlet rose
stinky olive
Large, brightly colored flowers. Care-Nation
golden gerbera
scarlet rose
Large, odorless flowers. golden gerbera
Neon Freesia
Venerable Chrysanthemum
Reddish flowers. Care-Nation
Gecko Orchid
scarlet rose
Small flowers in calm colors. Orchid in love
Neon Freesia
Justice Jasmine
Very fragrant and brightly colored flowers. scarlet rose
stinky olive
The sweetest of peas

The rewards: yen, skills and confidence bonuses

In cash, Joker will receive a base salary of ¥3200 per shift. You are eligible to earn more if Joker manages to create bespoke bouquets when asked. This will give ¥7800 instead of the standard base salary, so we’ll have information to help you with that below.

With such delicate and charming workmanship, working in Rafflesia increases your kindness stat. You win +1 Kindness for a regular shiftwhich, like the yen, rises after custom orders. Successful completion of a custom order means you gain +3 kindness instead. For other ways to increase your cuteness, check out our guide.

Finally, as with Joker’s other part-time jobs, you sometimes being visited by other Phantom Thieves. For this job, you will only ever see two of your classmates: Haru falls on same days, while Yusuke arrives odd days. Some schedule restrictions exist for both characters, which means they won’t show up on certain days, but you might otherwise see them beginning after your third shift.

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