Police are looking for suspects after a car drove into a flower shop in Haledon, NJ

HALEDON, NJ — New Jersey police are looking for the driver who crashed a car into a building in Passaic County.

As CBS2’s Christina Fan reported on Wednesday, the vehicle slammed into a flower shop in Haledon.

The shop has been in the family for three generations. The entire facade of the building, which is original from the 1940s, was damaged. That’s why one of the owners was so upset that she got into her car and decided to sue the perpetrators.

Surveillance video shows the moment a Ford Edge ripped into Morningside Florist on West Broadway as Brian Fischer and his daughter prepared for a busy day at work.

A family member, who lives upstairs, opened a window to see if the passengers were okay, when all of a sudden, “I saw the two children get out of the car and start running” , says Tara Fischer.

“She followed them for several blocks, but then they cut off a few yards and she wasn’t able to follow where they were going,” Brian Fischer said.

Tara Fischer said her emotions took over, not only because the store was damaged, but also because she lost precious family history. All the brickwork is original from 1945, when his grandfather first built the 6,000 square foot store.

“It’s like my avatar tree. I can’t. Something is happening to this building and it’s very emotional for me. His blood and sweat that built this building,” Tara Fischer said.

The Fischers say the intersection has been a traffic nightmare. Twenty years ago, a similar car accident destroyed the front left window of their store. About 50 years ago, the building suffered a massive fire. But none of this bankrupted the family.

“We’re open. We’re not closed. We’ll never be closed for something like this. We’re a strong family,” Tara Fischer said.

The family now hope the CCTV will help police identify the suspects.

“I just wanted to catch them. I just wanted to catch them and hold them accountable,” Tara Fischer said.

The owners said, thankfully, the building is still structurally sound. And to show how strong and resilient the family is, they actually made two funeral deliveries on Wednesday morning.

“I have weddings this weekend, huge, but we will organize them,” said Tara Fischer.

Detectives are now working to identify the driver and passenger. As for the car, it was reported stolen in Easton, Pennsylvania, Fan reported.

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