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HONG KONG SAR – Media outreach – January 3, 2022 – It’s easy to get stressed out by the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The feel-good factor is part of a larger global trend. Surveys have revealed that the mental health condition of the average Hong Kong citizen is getting worse day by day. According to a survey conducted by the Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service in 2018, it was estimated that around 2 million people in the city suffer from mental distress. The pandemic may also have made the situation worse, exacerbated by life and financial pressures. The daily habits we were once used to, like watching movies, dining in cafes, or doing outdoor activities, are not so easy to come by, as the new normal under the pandemic also puts more pressure on people’s mental health. people.

The beauty of nature and architecture inspired Urban Flora to promote wellness

M FLEURISTE has always been concerned about the mental health problems of city dwellers and aims to promote floral art to improve them. The Urban Flora is M FLORIST new collection inspired by architecture in nature, aiming to help city dwellers discover the mysteries of mother nature in the city and embrace the healing of our mother nature.

Urban Flora reflects on the relationship between city and nature, this coexistence is portrayed through the combinations of specially selected flowers in M FLORIST Urban Flora Collection. In the collection, City Nocturne symbolizes the city’s dazzling nightscape, Silver Fog represents the phenomenon when the city skyline merges with thick fog, and Weekend Aroma describes the relaxing decompression after going through a stressful and busy week. job.

Different models with less packaging to save the world

The new collection includes bouquets, flower boxes and flower pot models. Bouquets are available in different sizes for different preferences. Urban Flora bouquets are packaged with a simple and environmental design to allow the bouquet to show the beauty all around.

About urban flora

Night City

Neon lights are the soul of Hong Kong nightlife, evoking various romantic feelings. They draw the streets and encapsulate the city’s enchanting night scene.

Highly saturated colors and eye-catching flowers are selected as metaphors for the nightscape of the sleepless city, where neon lights and buildings glow from dusk till dawn.

silver fog

High-rise buildings make it difficult to remove condensation, where thick fog covers the urban city. This fascinating phenomenon transforms the cityscape into a blurry, mirage-like scene and exudes a sense of ambiguity.

Shades of gray and matte textures come together in Silver Fog to display the blurry city skyline amid mysterious fog.

Aroma of the weekend

A cafe is always a good place to hang out with friends during the weekend. The soothing aroma of coffee permeates all coffee and reminds you that naturally grown coffee beans come from Mother Nature!

Warm tropical colors are chosen in Weekend Aroma to symbolize the joyful atmosphere of a meeting with friends. Weekend Aroma reminds you of the delicious moment spent in a café; reading magazines, accompanied by relaxing music; and above all, surrounded by the natural and healing aroma of coffee.



M FLORIST is an online flower shop formed by a creative and diverse team.

We hope to have positive impacts enriching the lives of others, work environments and communities through creative floral art.

The M FLORIST team

M FLORIST the team is made up of a range of professionals with varied skills; including EXPERIENCED florists who have EXPERIENCE working with a prestigious five-star hotel, amazing flower designers with creative and innovative ideas, and team members with great management and marketing expertise. M FLORISTit is The goal is to provide you with the best products and services with the most professional team.

Service of M FLORIST

We offer reservations and deliveries of bouquets online. We also provide bespoke flower bouquet designs and venue/event layout services.

M FLORIST The goal is to serve you, providing floral art design services that can support all your essential needs in your life.


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