Occasions to give bouquets of flowers

Sometimes we seem perplexed at the thought of gift giving, not quite sure what to choose. A personal favorite will be flowers. You can never go wrong with flowers, not just as gifts, but flowers are a great decorating option, they really add a glow to anything they touch. Now, if you are a flower fan like me, you might also be wondering what is the right occasion to give flowers and if there are specific flowers for these occasions, the answer is yes.

For a variety of different occasions, there is a specific bouquet most suitable depending on the season, color, scent and meaning.

Imagine receiving a bouquet of flowers, surely looks very nice. What’s even better is to give these flowers a sign of companionship, love, apology, devotion and care. Fun fact, the tradition of giving flowers started in ancient Greece where people offered them to gods and goddesses. Giving flowers surely has a historical appeal that continues to this day.

If you’re looking for a reason to put a smile on people’s faces, here’s a list

1. Birthdays

It doesn’t matter how old we are. Birthdays are always special. They give us a reason to celebrate and be happy for ourselves with no strings attached. To brighten up this special occasion, opt for a birthday flower arrangement it’s out of the ordinary.

You can always choose birthday flowers based on the month and yes, each month has its own birth flower. As for January its carnations, February for the irises, March for the daffodils and so on.

2. Birthdays

Marking years of love, commitment and effort, birthdays are a year-round occasion. Birthdays without flower arrangements seem incomplete. Anniversaries are markers of life like marriage, birthdays and also death. It can also be organizational markers like laying the foundation of a building, starting a business, etc. For an amazing anniversary flower arrangement you can choose specific flowers for each year, say for the first anniversary you can choose Carnation, the second is Cosmos, for the third year Sunflower and so on.

3. Notable Events and Festivals

Then we have “the most beautiful time of the year”. Parties and events. These are the best occasions to offer flowers or have floral decorations around. For festivals like Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, best flower arrangement must contain white flowers like lilies as it signifies purity. For Christmas our pick is Poinsettia, Paperwhites and Amaryllis.

For events like Valentine’s Day, Men’s Day, and Father’s Day which is June 19, opt for a red bouquet of camellia, white orchids, and peace lilies respectively.

4. Quick recovery and recovery

It’s always a kind gesture to visit the sick, we might be confused as to which flowers would be the best, our suggestion would be Chrysanthemum as these beautiful flowers signify fidelity and love. For men, you must opt ​​for Aster, which has a deeply rooted meaning in Greek culture and also represents hope. Our second best pick is Bird of Paradise, these flowers are particularly pretty and will put a smile on everyone’s face. This flower also represents freedom.

Flowers have been a great companion for humans at any time, be it a happy or sad occasion. Flowers brighten up any space they are placed in and also signify deep meaning. It would be fair to say that they are no less than art. How the flowers grow all beautiful and full of aroma and slowly fade. And in this whole process, they make sure to make us happy and give us hope. If you are looking online flower delivery services, do it with SnapBlooms. Here you can choose from a wide range of flowers designed for specific celebrations.

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