No bouquets of flowers, “vote of thanks” to Jharkhand government programs, senior official says


Ranchi: Jharkhand has decided to end the protocol of presenting mementos and bouquets of flowers to guests at government programs, as he looks forward to wrapping up events on time.

The Raghubar Das-led waiver will also remove the “vote of thanks” speech from the programs, with the host simply announcing the end “appropriately,” said an official statement released Thursday by Chief Secretary DK Tiwari.

“It is difficult to end government programs on time. These decisions were taken to ensure that the programs were completed on schedule,” Tiwari said.

Exceptions can however be made in special cases, for which authorization must be taken in advance.

“While it is extremely important to present guests with a bouquet and keepsakes in a program, government approval must be obtained in advance,” the chief secretary said.

“Guests on stage should ideally be introduced during the welcome speech. A flower can be offered but that too, in exceptional cases,” he said.

As for the functions attended by the president, vice president, prime minister, governor and other important guests, the schedule should be followed minute by minute, with the necessary approvals from the relevant departments, Tiwari added.


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