New florist and champagne bar transforms the way Berkhamsted experiences flowers

A new company has transformed the way Berkhamsted experiences flowers by opening the world’s first ‘florist’s table’, a space to watch floristry in action while sipping champagne and tasting a selection of bites.

Hanoko offers flower lovers the opportunity to soak up a luxurious floral atmosphere in the company of their loved ones, either by creating bespoke bouquets with the team of floral designers, or by relaxing at the champagne bar where the florist has joined forces with Moët & Chandon.

Boasting a talented and passionate team of florists, guests will have a choice of handcrafted seasonal bouquets in a range of sizes, blends of fresh and unspoiled flora, as well as a wide selection of decadent gifts, including including handmade chocolates from an independent chocolatier.

Hanoko offers flower lovers the opportunity to soak up a luxurious floral atmosphere

Haylee Benton, Founder and CEO, said, “I’ve been thrilled with the response since opening, and it’s so amazing to see the vision I had come to life!

“The whole team has worked tirelessly over the past two months to create a unique space to share. So it was fantastic to finally unveil Hanako and see people soak up the atmosphere together.

“The ‘florist‘s table’ was something I really wanted to try out and see if it worked and it was great to see so many people come in and order flowers and watch them being made while having a drink.

“From tasting our teas, coffees and champagnes to tasting afternoon tea and our other delicious bites, we are delighted to see people enjoying all that Hanako has to offer.”

A new way to experience flowers has opened on the High Street

The business opened on the High Street on August 18 and will open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday and 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Thursday to Saturday.

They will also invite customers to help them reduce waste by hosting a ‘flower hour’ every Saturday, where locals can pick up flowers that would otherwise be wasted at a reduced price.

Chief Florist Kate Parrott said: “It was a dream to share the concept with Berkhamsted and to have such a positive response.

“From creating bouquets for our flower subscribers to bespoke creations for our walk-ins, our team hasn’t stopped since we opened thanks to the amount of support we’ve received!

Hanoko is now open on High Street in Berkhamsted

“It’s also amazing to see people embrace our sustainable approach.

“We launched ‘Flower Time’ on Saturdays from 3pm to 5pm where people can buy a bunch of flowers at a reduced price to help us avoid waste and the response has been so encouraging – we are delighted to seeing more regular faces join us over the weeks.

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