Millom’s Bloom Room Florist named Retail Florist of the Year 2022

The Flower roomlocated on St George’s Terrace, was named the winner of the award beating several industry heavyweights across the UK.

Owned and operated by Nicola Armstrong, the business has had a successful ten year tenure in the region and has been honored by the British Florist Association.

Nicola said: “So many people came to congratulate us. It was a huge prize and the whole thing blew my mind.

“I was nominated by someone in the industry and it’s a pat on the back in itself, just to be nominated.

“To win the prize, you must meet certain criteria before entering the Top 35.

“After that, there is a public vote.

“I filled out an essay questionnaire that they sent to you. I banged my drum about it so much and thought I couldn’t let people down after asking them to support me.

“I was scared at first and it had to be sent by noon, and I submitted it two minutes before the deadline. I thought I would never win but I thought why not go for it.

“Then I got an email saying I was in the top 13 which was unbelievable. I still didn’t think I would win, more like I thought I’d just be a bum in a seat during the ceremony held in Leicester. Then we won it.

“It has been a massive and unexpected roller coaster. I’ve been on cloud nine from the start and I don’t want to come down.

“I’m a one-man band in the store, but my family is so supportive.

“I had two years’ experience as a florist in Barrow, but we hit ten in August as a business.

“For the questionnaire, I gave honest answers that all came from the heart. Even a judge said he didn’t read an entry they so badly wanted to win. They told me how happy they were that I won.

“I thought I would never be able to compete with some of the other nominations, but since I asked people to vote for me, I couldn’t let them down.

“It means so much to me and I would like to thank my husband Ian and everyone who has supported me.

“The business will never be the same after this.”

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