Massachusetts Florist and Greenhouse Showcase a “Corpse Flower” Once a Decade – New Bedford Guide


Nunan Florist & Greenhouses in Georgetown, Massachusetts has announced a unique opportunity for people to see their “corpse flower” which is now in full bloom.

Colloquially known as the “corpse flower”, the titan arum Where Amorphophallus titanium, is originally from Sumatra, Indonesia. When in full bloom, it can be up to 8 feet tall and up to 4 feet across – although this specific flower should reach 4 feet tall. As the name suggests, the aroma is similar to that of a dead person.

Why would anyone want to smell a corpse? Besides having the aroma of rotting flesh, it only blooms about once a decade, it is an extremely alien and massive flower – considered by some to be the largest in the world. The Titan Arum can grow up to 6 inches per day!

Once the plant flowers, it opens to reveal a velvety brown interior and emits a foul odor produced by dimethyl trisulfide, dimethyl disulfide, trimethylamine, isovaleric acid, benzyl alcohol, and indole .⁣⁣ Although these compounds mean nothing to most people who have had a puff describe it differently as a mixture of garlic, stinky cheese, rotten fish, boiled cabbage, sweaty socks, with a hint of or a kiss of sweet flowery scent.

Why does the “corpse flower” do this? The smell attracts a variety of pollinators such as scavenger beetles, blow flies and sweat bees. ⁣

Want to see the flower in person? Maybe take a selfie? Nunan Florist & Greenhouses is located at 269 Central St. and open Monday through Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Sunday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

All photos by Nunan Florist & Greenhouses:

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