Maple Ridge Florist Hands Out Bouquets of Roses to Strangers – Maple Ridge News

A Maple Ridge florist handed out bouquets of red and pink roses to strangers on the streets of Maple Ridge.

Shelly Kiselyci, owner of Maple Ridge Florists, said that although they usually give such gifts, she realized that Thursday was random acts of kindness day and decided to hand out roses to strangers.

“I made little bouquets and loaded them into my truck. We then distributed them to people at the bus stop, at the leisure centre, to the person sitting on the bench near the store. I think everyone needs a little pick-me-up, especially in the last two years,” she said.

The store, which has been around since 1946, has done such acts of kindness many times over the years. Kiselyci said she sometimes pulls out a bucket of flowers at the end of the day and sticks a note in it saying anyone can pick a flower. She often wraps up bouquets and drops them randomly to strangers on the street, with the message “Happy day” on them, or distributes mason jars to local businesses.

“My role model is kindness begets kindness. If you don’t give conditions, it comes back to you; and we all need a little kindness and positivity in our lives,” she said.

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