Man arrested for robbery and attempted rape in Barberton flower shop

BARBERTON, Ohio (WOIO) – A man identified as a violent criminal and convicted sex offender was arrested after assaulting a woman at a flower shop in Barberton on Tuesday, police said.

“Just beat her, just kept beating her,” said Ariel Fuller, co-owner of Caine’s Flower Shop. “He wanted his jewelry. He took a ring from her. He wanted money, and she couldn’t tell him how to get it, so he kept beating her.

Bunde Roebuck, 58, was working alone at Caine’s Flower Shop when a man entered.

“She said he came in and wanted to send some flowers to someone, then she showed him flowers in the cooler, everything was fine, and he wanted her to bend down and pull out a flower. ‘a bucket for him, and when she leaned over, that’s when he stuck a knife in her throat, ”Fuller explained.

The violent criminal then tied Roebuck up and taped his mouth shut. Fuller told 19 News that the assailant led his aunt to a cooler with the knife still held at her throat. Once inside, he started beating Roebuck and asked him to open the cash register, but their delivery driver unexpectedly arrived.

“The driver came back out of the blue and saved his life,” Fuller said. “If she hadn’t come back I’m sure she wouldn’t be alive, just a few more punches to the head she wouldn’t be here.”

Barberton Police said at around 12:50 a.m. Tuesday they responded to a 911 call at Caine’s Flowers in Block 100 of 2nd Street NW. Officers were at the scene within a minute and discovered that a suspect, identified as 30-year-old Timothy L. Williams, had fled to the back of the business on entering through the before.

Police then found Williams entering another business on Wooster Road North. Officers arrested Williams and sent him to Barberton City Jail.

Barberton police charged Williams with kidnapping, aggravated theft and attempted rape.

“The driver grabbed him right before as he was pulling his pants down, I think, and pulled him up and he ran,” Fuller said,

Williams has a long history of violent crime. He’s a convicted sex offender. It was reported that shortly after being released from prison in 2015, Williams was arrested for attacking his uncle with a butcher’s knife.

“I don’t think he should have been away,” Fuller said. “I wonder if I’m questioning the judgment of the people who let him out. It should never have happened. “

Roebuck was in the hospital, but she is now at home recovering.

“She’s going to need surgery, a broken nose,” Fuller said. “She has stitches between her eyes and her lip together; she will need plastic surgery, but I think emotionally she is going to be scarred for life.

Fuller said one of the few things the attacker managed to steal was his aunt’s diamond ring. This is a one carat gold ring with six small diamonds on the sides. If you find him, contact Barberton Police.

Williams is due in court on Wednesday.

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