Look inside a local florist this Mother’s Day

BRILLION, Wis. – It’s a big week to Brilliont blooms in BrillionWisconsin.

“A lot of people think it would be Valentine’s Day, but everyone has a mother and not everyone has a lover,” owner Tami Gasch said. “This is by far our busiest week.”

Mother’s Day comes as Wisconsin florists have gone through shortages of flowers and floral products for the past two years.

What do you want to know

  • The days leading up to Mother’s Day mark the business week of the year for florists like Tami Gasch at Brilliont Blooms in Brillion, Wis.
  • Flower wholesalers have pivoted to help meet demand for flowers during the pandemic
  • As flower supply improved last year, prices rose

But Gasch, who is also president of the Florists’ Association of Wisconsin and Upper Michigansaid wholesalers have been working hard to ensure stores have the flowers they need.

“It is important that consumers remain flexible. Let your florist know what color your mom likes or what pattern color you’re looking for,” she said. “Often we can adapt to the color. We may not have the specific rose you are looking for, or you wanted a purple hydrangea and we only had white. You may need to be a little flexible. We may be able to deliver the flower you are looking for, but it may not be the exact color. »

Faced with weather problems in South America and rising costs for things like transportation, she said consumers will see higher prices this year.

“It’s easily 10%,” she said of the retail price hike. “Some of our costs have tripled in what we paid for the flowers.”

Brilliont Blooms customer Julie Fischer had no trouble finding a hanging basket that will be delivered to her mother later this week.

“My mom is on assisted living this year, which she hasn’t done in years, so she’ll appreciate it when she looks out the window every day,” she said.

For many, Mother’s Day – which is Sunday, May 8 – has arrived quickly this year

“The weather has made it really hard to think that it’s May already and it’s Mother’s Day,” Fischer said. “It kind of got away from me this year.”

Coupled with prom, the past few weeks have been busy for Gasch. She and other florists work hard to meet their customers’ demands.

“We’re all trying to adjust design recipes so customers get the look and color of things they love at prices they can still afford,” Gasch said.

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