Local Flower Shop Sandwich Shop Poppyseed Rye Opens Alrington

The premise for Rye with poppy seeds is simple: “It’s a little sandwich shop, a little flower shop, combined into one,” says owner Scott Parker. The Floral Café, which opens Friday, November 19, is restaurateur Roy Boys’ latest venture in Arlington, joining Barley Mac, Don Tito and many more. This latest project is his “first foray into fast casual”.

Parker teamed up with Chef Alex Buc, who previously operated Jetties locations, to organize the menu. Akeda Maerdan, co-owner of Farida Floral, brings a flair for wildlife. Parker says he was inspired by the half-coffee, half-flower stores he saw in New York City. Inside the space, the atmosphere is bright, open and airy, with white walls and multi-colored flower arrangements hanging from them. There is a sandwich counter on one side and a mini florist on the other. Gift items (mostly made locally) such as candles and chocolate will also be sold.

Photo courtesy of Poppyseed Rye.

Diners will find creative hot and cold sandwiches that are both vegetarian and meaty, like a meatball and pesto submarine, a Cuban squeeze, Italian tuna on focaccia or a burrata caprese. There are also fine toasts like avocado topped with crab and corn. Prepare a complete meal with homemade sides, salads and cold cuts. To drink: fresh fruit juice, beer and wine. Parker’s current favorites are the vegan bahn mi sandwich and the basil lemonade.

Parker has been a resident of the neighborhood for seven years and says he opened up Poppyseed Rye to fill a void in his backyard. “I tried to find a good everyday concept that would work here,” he says.

Rye with poppy seeds. 818 N. Quincy St., Arlington.

Jason fontelieu

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