Local florist says sales of Valentine’s Day flowers have increased this year

Flowers are a Valentine’s Day tradition and for a local florist, business has blossomed this year.

“This is a year like we’ve never had before,” Mark Weinstein, owner of Rancho Mirage Florist, told News Channel 3.

The florist celebrates 21 years of designing beautiful floral arrangements for Valentine’s Day.

“Everything changed,” Weinstein said. “Flower production is difficult, delivery is difficult, flowers from overseas are light and difficult to get on flights,” he explained.

But Weinstein said this Valentine’s Day he had better deals than in previous years.

“More people are doing Valentine’s Day than in previous years because with the virus they can’t get together,” he said.

Sending flowers to your loved one may be a safer way to show your love than seeing your love in person during this pandemic.

We asked Weinstein how many flowers he sold on Valentine’s Day.

“Amazing, thousands of roses,” he said.

Weinstein said the perfect flower to say I love you is with a rose.

“Valentine’s Day is a day of roses, so obviously roses which are quite expensive this year since everything has gone up in price,” he said.

Weinstein said buying a dozen roses last year would have cost $95, but this year it’s up to $110 for twelve red roses.

Weinstein said his client has spent an average of $75 to $150 this year on flowers for Valentine’s Day.

“It’s been a tough year, but luckily it’s been pretty good business,” he said.

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