Local florist prepares dozens of flowers in honor of Detective Ferency

HIGH EARTH, Ind. (WTHI) – Maggie and Moe’s flower shop in Terre Haute specializes in custom flower orders.

Arrangements range from personal bouquets to extravagant floral pieces for commemorative events.

Last week, the florist was tasked with creating and assembling flowers for Detective Greg Ferency’s visit and funeral.

Floral designers work hard to create various unique looks for Ferency’s funeral and visitation.

The florist received orders from everywhere, personalized and in accordance with the funeral arrangements.

The flowers are mostly bouquets of red, white and blue, but every designer can add their own creative touch to their project.

“A lot of them are the designer’s choice, so each of them can create something that really speaks to them. We try to make them all a little different,” said Maggies and Moe owner Molly Barrett.

If you would like to place a personalized order for the Ferency family, you can visit their website. It is poplarflowers.com

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