Local florist donates tulips to senior community

TWIN FALLS, Idaho — A local florist in Twin Falls has set up a fundraising page to donate tulips to the senior community.

Blush Floral is a Magic Valley flower shop owned by Chandra Carr. The desire to offer tulips to retirement homes came after placing an order.

A couple asked if the flowers were for them and Carr had to reluctantly say no, but the idea of ​​tulips for the elderly struck her immediately.

“When I started, I didn’t think people would donate, and I was a little scared, but I was like you know what I have nothing to lose,” she said. .

She posted on GoFundMe and in five hours she reached her goal of $1,000 and since then has doubled that amount.

“Last time I think we were only able to give away 26 bunches of tulips and now we’re giving away 157, so that’s pretty cool,” she said.

Makayla Dalos is an events coordinator at Chardonnay Assisted Living in Twin Falls and said she loves watching the people at the retirement home light up.

“It’s crazy how just a flower can make them more. It might just be a flower but for someone else it’s something big and I think that’s important,” Dalos said.

Seeing that joy is why Carr continues to be a florist.

“I witness that every day, what flowers bring to people and that’s why I started it, I knew the joy it brought,” Carr said.

If you would like to donate to the GoFundMe, click here. For more information on Blush Floral, click here.

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