Local Florist Blooms in Woodin Creek Village | News

New businesses are popping up every month in Woodin Creek Village, but one is changing up the traditional brick-and-mortar store.

Bouquets of fresh flowers and potted succulents from the Seattle House of Botanicals, a Woodinville-based floral studio, will be arranged on a metal cart each weekend through September.

Owner Chaney Laurent turned her lifelong fascination with plants into a small business earlier this year, she said.

Laurent moved to western Washington in late 2019, she said. At the time, she was a restaurant waitress trying to make ends meet. But then the pandemic hit and she was fired.

Soon after, she landed a job as a florist with Haggen in Woodinville. And a year later, she started working for a few flower shops around Seattle.

“They just didn’t float my boat,” Laurent said. “I just decided that I was going to go out and do my own thing with my own style.”

She ended up parting ways with her employer to found the Seattle House of Botanicals in 2022.

Laurent provides custom arrangements as well as products for weddings and events, she said. It also offers factory coaching services for customers.

“If the plant starts to die let me know and I’ll be happy to help you fix it because I want these plants to survive as much as you do,” she said.

The Woodin Creek Village Flower Stand is open every weekend through September (weather permitting) from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. She is available during the week by telephone or e-mail, which you will find on her website at https://seattlehouseofbotanicals.myportfolio.com/work.

Laurent incorporates eco-friendly practices into his business, she said. For example, she reuses vases, paper and other supplies found in thrift stores.

The shop also avoids the use of toxic chemicals, floral foams and pesticides, according to its website.

Seattle House of Botanicals offers a variety of flowers and plants, she said. However, she prefers to find unique and funky plants such as bright yellow acacia flowers. In some of her arrangements, she will include healing crystals to complement the plants.

Since starting her business in January, Laurent said, she’s learned that most people love plants.

“Almost everyone connects with something I have here,” she said. “I love it when people stop and want to talk.”

Laurent contacted Woodin Creek Village when a staff member contacted her via social media, she said. The apartment complex had a vision to offer a flower cart, she said, and they wanted to feature a local business.

“I love connecting with humans and this is a great opportunity for that,” Laurent said.

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