It’s time to pop into your local flower shop

Floral design by Jarita’s, Woodstock. (photo by Jay Sadowitz)

It’s that time of winter when the cold really seems to weigh people down. The snow is not so fresh and fluffy. Instead, his remains lie in filthy, steep heaps along parking lots and driveways. It hardened into ice along the trails.

Some days the late February air is so cold it makes you feel like even inside you can never warm up. People enter and exit buildings without stopping, staring at the ground in an effort to avoid falling. The only thing worse than being out in the cold is falling on hard, icy ground.

The real silver lining is that now, if you get home around 5:30 p.m., the sky is clearer, the horizon has an orange-pink hue that brightens by one shade every other night. Maybe there is hope. Maybe this eternal winter will end. Maybe we will see green again. Maybe spring flowers will bloom soon. People will slowly look up. Maybe we’ll celebrate again.

There’s a more immediate short-term solution to breaking that dreary winter vibe: your local florist. Whether you’re planning a party, wedding, or other big event for summer or spring, or just looking to add some color to your day, these are the places to go. Walking into one of your local flower shops is heaven. The sweet smell, the warm, humid air, and the endless choices of yellows, pinks, and purples will knock your shoulders stiff and cold.

Even through the face mask, breathing in that floral scented air is divine.

The great thing about local flower shops in the area is that they are independent and owned by familiar faces in the community. Not only do you get a beautiful bouquet, but also a friendly face, local knowledge and years and years of expertise.

Floral design by Jarita’s, Woodstock. (photo by Jay Sadowitz)

Jarita’s, Woodstock

Jarita’s in Woodstock is one of the mainstays of the community. It is on Tinker Street opposite the town square. It’s been there for what seems like an eternity: 45 years, opening on the auspicious date of 7/7/77.

It’s owned by Jay and Rita, who got their start in the flower market selling flowers on the streets of Albany. They were subject to whatever the weather threw at them, and it was about an hour’s drive a day each way. So when “an opportunity for our showcase opened up, we said why not?” they said. “It was all very fortuitous, and us being young. It evolved from there.

They’ve been there through hundreds of parties, weddings, small thanks and big likes since. Working with people through their happiest and saddest times has given them a sense of connection that not everyone can feel.

What do they love most about providing flower arrangements for special occasions? “We love to light up the room(s) with our flowers and see the happiness it brings to people for their special events.”

“Special” is a subjective word. What may be special to one person may seem awful to another. Part of being a florist is being able to understand the meaning for each customer. Jay and Rita ask a variety of questions until they come up with the perfect arrangement.

If the customer doesn’t already know what they want, they ask questions What is the opportunity? They usually ask about color; for example bright and colorful, soft and light. Are there any particular flowers the customer likes or dislikes? Is there a particular style they want (gardeny, wildflower, compact, loose and airy, etc.)? After a few questions like these, they say they have a pretty good idea of ​​the feel and style the customer is looking for. Jay and Rita spend more time getting to know their clients’ vision. They continue to grow and change with time and floral trends.

Floral design by Meadowscent, Gardiner.

Scent of the meadows, Gardiner

Theresa Colucci owns Meadowscent Florist in Gardiner, where she grew up. She has always loved flowers. When she was in high school, she took an after-school job working at a flower shop. She had no idea that the youthful experience could turn into a 35-year career as a florist. But here she is, running her store on Route 44/55 in Gardiner.

Her store is tucked away in a quaint mall and filled not only with beautiful flowers, but also special gifts and handcrafted items. She says she loves being part of the big moments in people’s lives from start to finish and everything in between.

“Special occasions are celebrated in someone’s life, from birth to death,” she said. “These are important moments in life, and flowers help make the celebration beautiful and memorable. I couldn’t ask for a more rewarding job than making someone’s celebration more joyful through flowers. Figuring out exactly what people want and what they envision can be a difficult process.

Theresa takes the old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words to heart. “Photos are the best way to see a client’s vision,” she said. “There are many things that a discerning eye takes from these inspirational photos such as color, style, texture, shape and size. Using them we can create the perfect flowers for their special event. . »

Theresa has been doing what she’s been doing long enough to have a particular recognizable style. However, she says it’s important to her to always be willing to progress and stay up to date in order to meet her clients’ changing ideas for their celebrations.

Dancing Tulip, Saugerties

Floral design by Dancing Tulip, Saugerties. (Photo by Maisie Snyder)

For the past eight years, Dancing Tulip, owned by Hazel Sherburne, has brightened up Saugerties. Located at 114, rue Partition, it quickly became a must in the village and the city.

Hazel attributes part of her success to the unique flowers the store offers. “We always try to have unusual flowers and greens in the store,” she explained. “Believe it or not, these are the hottest items. Showy coral peonies, stunning clooni buttercups from Italy and exotic proteas from South Africa all make regular appearances when available. In turn, we take these exotic specimens and transform them into floral works of art.

Before opening Dancing Tulip, Hazel worked part-time at one of the city’s wine shops. She worked closely with the business community in the village of Saugerties. She had a feeling there was a need for a florist. “The time was right for me and the city, and after researching the industry, I jumped into it with both feet,” she said.

His decision was the right one. Since then, she has worked with the community to inform their events and celebrations. “Whether we’re working with couples for a wedding, helping plan a surprise anniversary, or even celebrating a life well lived and spent, we know we’re privileged to be an integral part of these moments,” he said. she declared. “Flowers bring a smile, whatever the occasion.”

Hazel works closely with her clients, whether creating a small bouquet or creating flower arrangements for an entire event. “We know that when we’re helping people develop a look or concept for their event, we’re collaborating with them. They come to us for our expert advice and wide range of experience,” she explained. “Often we start with sample photos to get a sense of the concept. Then we narrow down by color, style, flower availability and what the must-haves are. Understanding our clients’ style and personality is very important to ensure a good fit.

With her five-star customer service, Hazel must be doing something right. She feels that her rating “says a lot about who we are and how we care about ourselves.”

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