In Katie Couric’s next live event, she talks to florist Ingrid Carozzi

With tips and tricks for professional-level floral presentation.

If you’re a long-time KCM reader, you’ve celebrated milestones with us. A big one was Ellie’s wedding on the 4th of July (if you’re playing catch-up, here are some of Katie’s favorite highlights). The whole weekend was filled with fun and beautiful little details, but to be completely honest, we’re still stuck on those flowers. Florist Ingrid Carozzi from Brooklyn’s Tin Can Studios designed unique flower arrangements for each night of the wedding – she customized a romantic yet simple garden ambiance for the rehearsal dinner, purchased vintage vases and designed a lush arbor that truly defies description.

After witnessing Ingrid’s “farmer’s market but make it incredibly chic” aesthetic in action, we can’t get enough of her here. Katie has already told Ingrid about her exquisite book Flowers by design and how Ingrid has inspired countless readers to take the anxiety out of creating their own floral arrangements at home. We’re all for Ingrid’s relaxed, laid-back approach and the dazzling, eco-friendly results she produces. But we wanted even more information on how we can revolutionize our own flower arrangements – and we wanted it on video.

So, at our next live event, Ingrid will be chatting with Katie — and everyone else at home — about all things flower. Since summer is still roaring, we’re sure you’ll know how to put these tips and tricks to good use as soon as possible. Whether you’re decorating for an occasion or just sprucing up your living room, you won’t want to miss this tutorial.

Below, you’ll find a handy list of everything you need to get started, straight from Ingrid herself. To achieve Ingrid’s enviable aesthetic, you’ll need small round bowls, scissors, a few extra tools, and flowers of your choice — Katie will pick hers fresh from her East Hampton garden, of course. Oh, and water. We’ll see you on August 31 at 1 p.m. EST.

Vase (small round bowls):

Our Place Soup Bowls & Sides
Leeway bowls for the home
Saban Blown Glass Bowl
soapstone bowl


garden scissors

Miscellaneous tools:

Flower Frog
Floral ribbon
chicken wire

Types of flowers:

Filler/foliage (like Salvia or Scarlet Sage)

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