I am a florist and there is a VERY easy way to keep bouquets of fresh flowers longer.

A BOUQUET of colorful flowers has the power to make anyone smile.

But is there anything sadder than seeing them slowly fade as the days pass?


The experts at Funky Pigeon have revealed a simple way to extend the life of your flowers – and surprisingly, it involves a carbonated drink. Pictured is stock image.Credit: Getty

Well, according to the experts at Funky Pigeon, there’s a really simple way to extend the life of your flowers.

And best of all? It’s super easy.

Talk to The Expressexperts have noted that the best food option for your flowers is the sachet attached to the bouquet.

The mixture is made up of citric acid, which lowers the pH level of water, sugar, which helps flowers grow, and bleach – a product that fights bacteria, preventing flowers from having a short lifespan.

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However, once that sachet is gone and it’s time to change the water, there is another solution that they say works just as well.

“A mixture of sweet soda and a little bleach will help mimic the content of flower food,” the experts explained.


“The soda provides the sugar needed to nourish the flowers and the bleach keeps the water free of harmful germs and bacteria.”

They then advised using a clear type of soda like non-diet lemonade because it contains citric acid.

First, they advise mixing a solution of one part lemonade with three parts water.

Then they warn not to add more than a few drops of bleach.

It really is that simple!

Another tip, according to experts, is to give the flowers fresh water every other day.

And if you’re wondering why, it’s because when the clump starts to die, a gas known as ethylene is released.

This causes the flowers to age faster and therefore shortens their lifespan.

“It’s better to hold the flowers and drain all the water and replace it, rather than just topping it up,” they recommended.

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