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In every chapter of life, you make new friends, whether it’s at school, college, the office, or even in your neighborhood. Friends not only motivate you to get through bad times, but are one of the greatest cheerleaders if you achieve anything in your life.
Although there isn’t a specific day to thank a friend, we do it almost every day. However, try to make their day merry this friendship day with something special. Even if you might not know what to give and how to celebrate. Read the guide below on how to make a bouquet of paper flowers at home for your friend.

How to make a bouquet of paper flowers?
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  • Cut the petals from the paper

Step 1: Cut out the petals from the paper


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The easiest way to do this is to cut teardrop shapes out of a roll of folded crepe paper. You need to cut out several of these shapes in different colors to make your bouquet prettier. The best colors to use for a bouquet are pink, beige, red, blue, and green. If you have trouble cutting the teardrop cutouts, draw an inverted letter U on the crepe paper and cut along the pencil drawing.

This is a pack of 6 multicolored crepe paper rolls measuring 2.5m in length. This paper is suitable for making crepe flowers and bouquets. Crepe paper can be used for gift wrapping, party decoration, party decoration, crafts. This is a high quality paper with less chance of breakage and smooth scissor flow when cutting.

Get It Here: Buy More Crepe Papers Here: Get Scissors Here:Step 2: prepare the threads
Cut out a small square from crepe paper and fold it to form a triangle. Wrap the triangle around the tip of the floral wire and secure it with a glue gun or floral tape. Cover the entire wire with floral tape. This would provide the stem of the flower.

This is a package of 50 threads already wrapped in floral tape. These threads can also be used in other artistic and craft activities. These threads are strong and do not break easily. You can also bend the yarn as needed while doing crafts.

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Step 3: Add petals to the wire

Shape the teardrop cut into the shape of a flower petal and glue it to the base of the button you made with the square triangle in crepe paper. Secure them with a glue gun or floral tape. Add as many flower petals as you want to make the bouquet.

This is an 80 watt glue gun that comes with 20 clear glue sticks. It is a powerful piece of equipment that can also be used in the kitchen, on the windows and doors of your home. The glue gun is easy to use and comes with an on / off indicator. It can also be used easily by beginners and is a great companion in arts and crafts.

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Step 4: Add ribbon to the bouquet

Once you have made the entire bouquet as described in steps 1-3. Tie all the threads together with a ribbon, cover the threads with bouquet paper and tie the ribbon to give the bouquet a nice look.

These ribbons are perfect for parties and celebrations. Curling ribbons are ideal for balloon strings, bow decoration, housewives, florists, wrapping gifts, wedding ornaments, crafts, etc. This is a set of 12 multi-colored ribbons that can be tied together to enhance the appearance of the bouquets.

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Other FAQs?

  1. What are the flowers that represent friendship?
    The yellow rose flower represents friendship. If you are thinking of giving a bouquet to a friend, definitely include some yellow roses.
  2. What else can I include in the bouquet besides flowers?
    You can personalize your bouquets as you want. You can add chocolates, souvenirs, photos and more.
  3. What other gifts can I buy on Friendship Day?
    You can send a digital greeting car and buy a box of chocolates for your friends. A collage of your photos with them would also be a nice surprise.

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