How to Care for Sunflowers in a Vase – 4 Florist Tips

Sunflowers are like a little bit of sunshine, but sad drooping flowers won’t make your home happy. That is why you need to learn how to care for sunflowers in a vase after bringing them from the store or cutting them from the garden.

These flowers bloom through summer and well into fall, making them a popular choice at this time of year, and although they have connotations for cozy, country interiors, they have become more coveted. in modern and elegant homes for their bold shapes. and colors. Plus, they’re available in abundance right now.

“Sunflowers are thriving in the heat waves we’ve had this year, which makes sense given they’re renowned for their strength,” says Simon Barker, co-founder and editor of

But how do you make sure they stay beautiful once they’re in your home? Here, florists and gardening experts offer their best advice.

Hugh Metcalf

Hugh is a home and property journalist, writing on a variety of topics for Liveetc, from trends and design ideas to practical tips for your homes. For this article, Hugh spoke to florists and gardeners to get their top tips for caring for sunflowers.

How to care for sunflowers in a vase?

To ensure you have the longest lasting blooms, always buy fresh cut sunflowers or grow your own in a cut flower garden and put them in water as soon as possible. Here’s how to make sure they last as long as possible.

1. Trim the stems

“Cut thick stems at an angle with sharp pruners,” suggests florist Sue Fogwell. A clean cut ensures that you don’t pinch the water-conducting vessels in the flower stem.

“This allows the flowers to absorb as much water as possible and ensures that they don’t sit on standing water which could cause them to rot,” adds Simon de (opens in a new tab).

2. Add lukewarm water to your vase.

Be sure to clean your vase before putting your sunflowers in it by washing it with water. “Once home, immediately place the flowers in a vase of warm to cool water prepared with a floral preservative,” advises Sue Fogwell. Hot water is more quickly absorbed by the flowers than cold water, which will help prevent your sunflowers from wilting.

3. Change the water

“Change the water every other day – more often if the water gets cloudy,” suggests Nancy White, floral designer and owner of The Flower Bar (opens in a new tab) in Larchmont, NY. ‘Clean the vase before filling it with fresh water to eliminate any bacteria.’ Other florists suggest changing the water daily.

“Prune the stems daily at an angle while giving the flowers fresh water,” adds Sue Fogwell, “as well as a cool preservative.”

4. Add sugar and lemon to the vase

“Add sugar and lemon to the vase to keep the sunflowers fresh and blooming,” suggests Jason White, CEO of All about gardening (opens in a new tab). “A teaspoon of sugar to two tablespoons of lemon juice or a tablespoon of vinegar would make a pretty good mix. This will delay the rapid wilting of your cut sunflowers.

5. Place out of direct sunlight

“Place your sunflower’s vase in an area where direct sunlight can’t reach it,” adds Jason. “Unlike planted sunflowers, cut sunflowers don’t like sun exposure as much.” You should also avoid placing sunflowers near heat sources or in cool drafts, such as air conditioning.

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How long do sunflowers last in a vase?

With proper care and attention, sunflowers should last a good week in a vase. However, the overall range will be between five days and two weeks.

Why are my sunflowers hanging in the vase?

In a vase, sunflowers will usually droop or wilt if they lack water. To remedy this, change the water, cut them quickly at an angle and add sugar and lemon, or a floral preservative, in lukewarm water. This should get them back to their best in no time.

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