How to Arrange Fresh Cut Flowers Like a Professional Florist

Before making any arrangements, you will need to purchase flowers, greenery, and some additional tools. In addition to a vase, you’ll want to grab a flower knife or sharp scissors, some clear floral tape, and a vase (via Floranext). Start by choosing the color palette for your arrangement and choose three primary colors to keep. This will allow you to keep your vision consistent without overwhelming your design. When adding flowers and greenery to your arrangement, you’ll want to choose a variety of flower sizes to create a more layered look. For a homemade flower arrangement, Flowers per box recommends up to 20-30 stems of fresh flowers and greenery for a large vase, although smaller vases require fewer stems.

Still looking to add spice to your flower arrangement? The recent boom in floral design has made professional-grade floral tools that elevate your bouquets — like a flower frog or even a netting to hold flowers in place — more accessible. However, if this seems too confusing, there is no need to worry. As told by floral designer Sierra Steifman Martha Stewart alive, “If this is your first time working with flowers, try to keep your floral product simple. Choose two to three varieties in the same color palette so you can focus on placement rather than color coordination. , and add some greenery and berries for texture.” Then, once you start, you can’t stop!

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