How sola wood flower bouquets can enhance the feeling of your home


Did you know that cut flowers for arrangements and bouquets only last 7 to 12 days on average?

Flowers are a great gift and addition to the home, but with their short lifespan they can get expensive.

Many people replace their traditional flowers with wooden ones because they are much more practical.

Read on to find out how sola wood flower arrangements can enhance your home!

Brighten up dark areas

One of the best reasons to get a sola wood flower arrangement for your home is that it lights up everything.

If you have a dark corner in a room and want to light it up with decorations, wooden flowers can help. Since dark corners do not have access to a lot of sunlight, these are not ideal places to put live plants.

Wooden flowers don’t need sunlight or watering, which means you can store them in a corner without having to worry. White, light pink, and yellow are the best colors to get for these dark spaces.

Add a touch of color

Neutral walls and furniture can make the house welcoming and clean.

Adding color, however, is necessary if you don’t want your space to look dull. By ordering arrangements from Luv Sola Flowers, you can add pops of color anywhere in your home. The advantage of these bouquets is that you can incorporate several shades and colors that match your decor.

Depending on the type of vase you get, you can also add color with a painted mason jar or stained glass window.

Nature index

Adding wooden flowers to your home is a great idea if you are inspired by nature and the environment.

Wooden flowers are natural materials that will help transport people outdoors. If you want to get a bouquet of sola wood flowers that reminds you of the forest, go for shades of green and brown. You can even mix your wooden flowers with real plants for a unique look.

Endless bouquets

Getting flowers is nice, but it also requires preparation and cleaning.

The great thing about wood flowers is that they don’t have an expiration date and don’t require preparation. You can proceed to cut off the ends of the stems, put them in the water, and discard them once they shrivel.

Wooden arrangements will last you a lifetime with proper care and cleaning. Do your best to dust your wood flowers and wipe down the vase to make them last longer. Years after you get your arrangement, it should still look brand new.

Incorporate rustic textures

If you want to improve the ambiance of your home, you should consider adding different textures.

Wooden flowers look great when mixed with cotton, linen, and lace. These materials provide a rustic look perfect for any farmhouse or cottage theme. The wooden texture adds rustic feel while providing elegance.

Having different textures will add depth to your home and make it more unique. Make sure, however, that you don’t overdo the textures and focus on the flowers!

Green decor without guilt

While real plants are eco-friendly, so are wood options!

Wooden flowers are environmentalists’ best friends because they do not harm the planet. If you want to decorate your home while maintaining an eco-friendly lifestyle, these flowers are a great way to do it. Many people suggest reusing old vases and jars to place the flowers in.

You can find many recycled items that will work as a vase. This will allow the whole arrangement to be green. You no longer have to feel guilty about the impact your decorations have on the environment.

Bring back memories

A great way to improve the ambience in your home is to incorporate memories.

If you have a wooden bouquet for your wedding or a special event, be sure to put them up! These bouquets last a lifetime and can bring back memories of many years ago and remind you of some of the happiest times. Every time you walk past your arrangement, you may be transported to the moment you received the flowers.

You can also use sola wood flowers, to bring back memories by incorporating the favorite colors of a loved one. Wood flowers can add emotion and love to your home.

Contribute to themes

Do you have common themes in your home or in particular rooms?

If you want to add more decorations that match your theme, you can easily do it with wooden flowers. Wood flowers can be any color you need, making them very versatile. You can also get specific types of flowers that match the theme of your space.

If you are decorating an elegant room, consider adding wooden roses and greenery. The floral arrangements of the dining room can accompany your decor by adding complementary elements. Many people who have a woody theme like to include pine cones and artificial garlands.

Sola wood flower arrangements for every home

By adding sola wood flower arrangements to your home, you can brighten it up.

Wood flowers help add a pop of color to dull areas and can be found in any color. This makes it easy to integrate them into your home, as they can go with any theme. The best part about these flowers is that they last a lifetime and don’t need to be maintained.

Don’t be afraid to swap live plants for wooden bouquets that add texture and depth to any room. Not only do they work as a great backdrop, but they also serve as a reminder of special events.

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