Here’s how a local florist is sending aid to Ukraine

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) – A heartbreaking situation is unfolding thousands of miles away, but the distance doesn’t stop many of you from stepping in to help.

For the past four years, Yuliia Wilson has collected masterpieces at Martina’s Flower Shop.

“It was my first job in Augusta, at Martina’s Flowers, four years ago, and I’m still here,” she said.

She is from Ukraine, and before coming to Augusta, she spent 12 years creating flower bouquets at her home.

“My side job was flowers. Weddings, bouquets, I made big baskets for our president,” she said.

Now she is trying to help her father, who is in the Ukrainian army.

“They go into hiding every night because of the shelling. All day and all night. I’m just happy to join him everyday because I know he’s alive,” Wilson said.

The soldiers desperately need supplies.

“They don’t have enough body armor and helmets and I would like to help them because they help the whole country to be safe,” she said.

Martina seeks to help in any way she can. Every time someone walks in and buys the sunflower bouquet, $10 will go towards humanitarian efforts in Ukraine.

“The sunflower is the symbolic Ukrainian flower,” she said.

She sells her handmade paintings and sends them to charities helping Ukraine and the military.

“It’s just hard when you know they’re fighting for you, and a lot of people are dying, and thousands of people are dying every day,” she said.

She hopes the sunflower will shine a light on the fight in her home country. So far, Martina’s Flowers says it has sold 60 sunflowers. Their goal is to reach $3,000, but they hope to exceed that goal.

“They try everything they can. They fight as hard as they can,” Wilson said.

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