Guns and roses? Florence Florist Now Sells Guns

FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) — You may have heard of “Guns ‘n’ Roses,” but not like this.

Consider the Lilies, a popular downtown Florence florist, now selling firearms in a new business called A&J Firearms and Training. At the store, shoppers can find flower arrangements, home decor, and a display case full of guns.

“Nobody thinks about flowers and guns,” Angela Pecca, who co-owns Consider Lilies and A&J with her husband, John, said. “But if you know us, then it works.”

She said they were linked by guns. In fact, the new company’s logo, which shows the silhouettes of a man and woman holding guns surrounded by flowers, was inspired by their wedding cake decoration.

“We go to Blue Line on Wednesday nights and shoot for 30, 40 minutes, and then we go to dinner and call that date,” she said.

“Nothing says ‘I love you’ like good sight alignment and good trigger control,” John Pecca said.

While growing up Consider Lilies, the couple offered concealed handgun licensing classes aimed primarily at women.

They said many of their students buy guns, but not always ones they can rely on.

“What feels good in your hand?” said John Pecca. “If you’re not comfortable with the gun, you won’t use it.”

They realized that the shopping experience at a typical gun store might not be right for their students.

“There’s usually a man behind the counter and they look very tactical. For women, it’s a bit intimidating,” said Angela Pecca. “And they show guns and talk about guns in a guy’s language. Most women who really don’t shoot don’t understand this.

The Peccas decided to start selling a small selection of guns they knew they could trust, along with accessories like mace canisters, purses with built-in holsters, and other accessories.

“It occurred to me that we could basically couple businesses together,” John Pecca said. “Everything you see here is stuff I’ve used personally – not the purses, clearly, but the guns, flashlights and stuff are all good quality stuff I can sustain.”

The Peccas said they held a ribbon cutting for A&J, joined the Chamber of Commerce and sold six guns so far.

They said they had trained hundreds of people over the years and planned to scale up. They recently bought land to make it their own shooting range.

“We don’t really want a full, big box gun store,” Angela Pecca said. “We want to help our people and anyone looking for a gun. We want it to be more personal. »

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