From Austria to Hutchinson, talented florist John Stamm was known for his floral designs and greenhouse

Today’s episode for “Throwback Thursday” takes us to the southeast corner of East 10th Avenue and North Walnut Streets. John Stamm was born in Austria in 1864 and immigrated to Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 1873. He moved to Hutchinson around 1890 and was a talented florist. In 1897 he built a personal house and a large greenhouse at 101 E. 10th. The first photo shows this plot in 1911.

Florist's parade cart John Stamm ca.  1915.

The greenhouse itself was 20,000 square feet under glass. Florist John Stamm was a constant winner of flower shows at the State Fair between 1900 and 1915 and consistently demonstrated his talent at parades and city gatherings. The second photo shows one of his parade floats around 1915.

In 1918 John retired from the company but still lived at 101 E. 10th Ave. Harry Smith became the director of the company. In 1924, John acquired properties to have a 30-acre expanse between the city and the Yaggy Junction to build the largest greenhouse in Kansas. John Stamm died in 1946 with a net worth of $ 49,000, or $ 700,000 in today’s dollars. John’s family or relatives continued to own and live in the 101 E. 10th house until 1968. Around 1990, the house was subdivided into apartments. The third photo today shows the 101 E. 10th house, owned by Jose Inchauriga of North Las Vegas, Nevada.

Current rental building at 101 E. 10th Ave on December 14, 2021.

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