Flower arrangement tips from Ina Garten

gput your flowers to watch only straight into a DIY bouquet can be a tricky task: some people seem to have the magic touch, making every arrangement Instagram-worthy in seconds. But for those of us who aren’t so blessed, there is actually a technique behind creating a mood-boosting display – and, naturally, Ina Garten masters it.

The starred chef is not only a pro for making super appetizing spreads. Anyone who quickly browses her Instagram feed can see that she has learned the art of flower styling as well. In a recent post on Father’s Day, Garten shared his formula, and it’s super easy, requiring nothing more than a little math. “Mixed bouquets are sometimes hard to come by, so instead I often choose just one type of flower but in a lot of different colors,” she writes. “My secret is to follow the odd number rule: three or five of each color is always the best. I can’t explain it, but it really works.”

This isn’t the only hack she shared with her petal-obsessed fans on Instagram. She also said adding pops of bright green and orange alongside dark colors can make your arrangements “come to life”, that preparing your bouquet a day or two in advance can fully open the flowers just in time for your dinner, and sometimes all you need for a stunning display are a few chive and mint flowers (a tip that plant mom Alison Wu agrees with).

So the next time you’re trying to put together a pretty bouquet for your kitchen table, don’t overdo it. Just take a few flowers from the garden, do a little counting, and you’ll have an arrangement so fancy people will think you had it delivered.

Here’s how to make inexpensive grocery store flowers look like an expensive bouquet. Or, if you’d rather go the wrong way, take a look at the new collection from Urban Outfitters.

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