Florist slams ‘misleading way’ online newcomer charges $80 for rose

Canadian online flower company Bloomex has picked up a spray from Interflora after Fair Go investigated how a customer paid nearly $84 to send a bouquet, only to end up with a single rose.

The customer thought he was paying a local Canterbury company to deliver a birthday bouquet – instead Bloomex placed an order for a single rose which looked nothing like advertised – and he used Interflora to execute the command.

In other words, it’s like a supermarket sending your groceries online by calling the local dairy and spending less than you donated to deliver fewer items.

“This was a deceptive way for Bloomex to process one of its customers’ orders,” said Interflora Pacific Unit general manager Nicola Devine.

Interflora is a florist-owned collective in Aotearoa that claims to have no association with Bloomex, but “when we discuss this with our members, Bloomex seems to be doing that a lot lately,” adds Devine.

The independent florist who shipped the order had only been paid $45 including delivery, but ended up facing ill will at first because his mark was on the flowers.

He had added a second stem of rose as he thought one stem was a bit stingy for the price.

The florist then redid a bouquet to match the original order out of his own pocket, as the florist felt that both the customer and the person receiving the flowers had been disappointed, but not with their service.

Bloomex claims on its website that it has production facilities located in major New Zealand cities and sources products directly from growers and suppliers.

Neither appears to be the case in this case and an online search shows no New Zealand addresses for the Canadian company.

In Canada, Bloomex has been listed on CBC Marketplace, which, like Fair Go, investigates consumer complaints and issues with businesses.

Again, Bloomex sent flowers that did not match the descriptions or charged for a service that it did not deliver.

The Better Business Bureau of Canada announced in 2021 that it was revoking Bloomex’s membership of the BBB for failing to meet its standards for ethical business dealings and confidentiality.

Questions sent by Fair Go to the Canadian headquarters have yet to be answered and calls to the company are either going directly to the ordering department, going to voicemail, or simply being disconnected.

Bloomex has since offered to return the flowers or offer store credit, but the customer declined both offers, having lost faith in Bloomex.

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