Florist Cumnock launches campaign to improve men’s mental well-being


A NEWLY established florist based in Cumnock has launched a campaign to support men’s mental health and educate people about the benefits of fresh flowers on mood.

AF Florals has launched the #FlowersforAllAyrshire and #FlowersForAllScotland campaign which aims to challenge the old myth that men don’t like flowers and raise awareness of how flowers can improve mental well-being.

Over the past fortnight, store owner Alison Farrell has offered local businesses the opportunity to purchase a flower arrangement of recycled jam jars from AF Florals to display in their premises, with a percentage of the proceeds going to Men Matter Scotland.

The first companies to participate were barbers and tattoo studios, but it is now spreading everywhere, with many people keen to support the cause.

Alison told The Chronicle, “It’s been a huge success so far. Local businesses participated but I always try to spread it as widely as possible. What I’m doing right now is still not enough for me.

“I think it’s a good thing and it’s pretty easy to get involved. It’s just about doing your part by displaying flowers.”

Last week, Alison visited the Men Matter Scotland Hub in Drumchapel to speak to members who were keen to try their hand at flower arrangement as a form of art therapy to aid their recovery.

There are also plans to organize flower arrangement workshops and wreath-making classes for men as the holiday season approaches, with all funds raised going to the day-to-day running of the center and the various activities that are a lifeline for the most comfortable men. need.

Chronicle of Cumnock:

Alison added, “I would love to do something similar in Cumnock, maybe for mental health groups, church groups or retirement homes and schools. The campaign is about men’s mental health, but it applies to everyone. This past year has really taken its toll on people and made them realize that it is good to be outside and around nature.

“I got into flower arranging and floristry to improve my mental health. It’s quite expensive and unless you have flowers in your garden it’s not easily accessible so I think having someone like me gives people a chance to give it a try. The opportunity should be there for everyone.

If you would like to get involved in the campaign, contact Alison on 07516989045.


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