Florist Charlotte from Ukraine making bouquets to support refugees

CHARLOTTE (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — It has been 24 days since Russia attacked Ukraine. Millions of Ukrainians have fled the country and many are stuck not knowing what the next day holds.

It’s not easy for Charlotte resident Olga Nikolayenko. Most of his family and friends are still back in Ukraine.

“Each people, we do something small, we can change the world,” Olga said.

Most of the time, she is surrounded by small, beautiful reminders of joy. She has been a florist for 15 years and started arranging flowers years ago in Ukraine.

“When you see the news, you try to see if anyone from my family, from my friends lives there,” Olga said.

It is difficult to work knowing what is happening in his hometown of kyiv, where all his family and friends live. She and her husband, Nick, make hourly phone calls.

“You keep calling the family, ‘hey, how are you?’ For them, ‘yes I’m alive’ or not the phone is offline,” Nick said.

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Nick said that eight years ago Russia invaded his hometown. He said that at the time it was a small part of the country that was at war. But now it’s everywhere.

He still remembers the death of his friends.

“Because the shell landed right in front of them, the couple, husband and wife were killed immediately,” Nick said.

So the two decided to do something. Olga makes bouquets in Ukrainian colors and donates all profits to refugees. She was hoping for a few orders but received so many more.

“I have people sending donations without needing flowers,” Olga said.

His wish is simple, to see his family again.

“I want to hug them, I want to be with them, I just want to make sure I see them one day,” Olga said.

To buy a bouquet, make a donation or get more information, Click here.

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